1. If you own a mobile home older than 1974 and the park asks you to move it out of the park rather than sell it, what should you do?
  2. If the park gives you a 7 day notice, what should you do?
  3. If you receive a 3 day notice to pay or quit? What does it mean?  What if you let the 3 day period elapse?
  4. If management puts out a park newsletter saying there is a new park rule.
  5. If you have a tree that needs to be removed from your space.
  6. If you receive a 14 day notice?
  7. If the park boots your car and demands payment to remove the boot.


  1. Age is not a criteria to make you move your mobile home. Only health and safety issues.  Call HCD for an inspection.  Call CoMO-CAL and alert us.
  2. First of all, you must know the legal consequences of violating a seven day notice. See Civil Code 798.56(d).  If you receive three seven day notices within a 12 month period for the same rule violation, the park  can give you a sixty day notice to vacate.
  3. A 3 day notice is serious. Every effort should be made to pay within the 3 days; otherwise the park can and will serve you a 60 day notice of eviction.   Ultimately, you could lose your home if you are not careful.
  4. The park rule would not be valid. The park must hold a meeting and invite all residents for any new rules or regulations.  We suggest you do not sign them.  They will be effective 6 months from the date of the meeting.
  5. If the tree poses a health and safety violation, ask the park to take care of it. If they refuse, make a complaint to HCD and they will come out and inspect.
  6. The park may issue a 14 day notice if you have neglected the maintenance of your space. If you do not take care of the problem within the 14 days, the park may do it for you and charge you a fee.
  7. There is legislation pending in Sacramento. It will make booting by the park illegal.  At least one park has booted cars parked on the street and asked for a fee (up to $75. to remove it)

We intend THE VOICE to be informational, i.e. to inform you about happenings around the state and to educate you about important issues.                                                                                              IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO TURN, CALL CoMO-CAL AT 1-800-929-6061