1. “Can management force us to follow NEW RULES before they are even written or we’ve signed them?”

Answer:  No.  There is a legal process to make new rules and regulations valid.  It is detailed in the MRL 798.25 and 798.25.5. Rules and regulations made unilaterally by management are VOID RULES—this means they can not either verbally or in writing (park newsletters, etc)  introduce new rules.  We suggest when management has a meeting to introduce new rules that you DO NOT sign them, but rather put in writing to the owner and manager those new rules you object to.

  1. Why have we not been told who our assistant manager is and who works for the park?

Answer: We believe management has a responsibility to communicate such information to all residents in a timely manner.  Perhaps the park owner should be informed of management’s non-communication.

  1. “Why does management not follow the park Rules and Regulations?”

Answer: Management may claim all park rules and regulations do not apply when they are conducting “park business”  (see MRL 798.23(b).   Unfortunately the MRL does have “loop holes.” That’s one reason why we need a strong organization so that we can do something about this inequity—we feel management and other park employees should be governed by the same rules and regulations as any other resident.

  1. “Who can we talk to about questionable practices by management?”

Answer: CoMO-LAC is always ready to offer you help.  Please note the Ombudsman’s office in Sacramento does not get involved in complaints regarding the Mobile Home Residency Law, so don’t waste your stamp writing them for help.  Your best bet is a CoMO-LAC representative or the CoMO-LAC Board of Directors.

  1. “About the clubhouse cleaning deposit: Shouldn’t management at least give a receipt to prove what residents were charged for (when management keeps part of their deposit)?”

Answer: Refer to park rules and regulations 6F Recreational Facilities and Common Areas:  There will be no charge for the use of the clubhouse.  However,…a security and clean-up deposit may be required. CoMO-LAC believes if management now begins to ask for a deposit, they should do so equally and fairly.  If a deposit is required of some and not others, this is not equal and fair.  A resident should demand in writing a receipt for the deposit and an explanation if any deposit is kept by management.  We would suggest writing the park owner if this is not done.

  1. “I didn’t get a copy of the Mobilehome Residency Law when I moved into the park. Where can I get it?”

Answer:  Ask Management for a copy first.  If they do not have any copies check with your CoMO-LAC representative. It is important that you have a copy!  The park should have given every resident a copy of the 2005 MRL with the rent notice February 2005.

  1. “I paid my rent on the 5th of the month, yet it was late and I had to pay $50.00. Is this the law?”

Answer:   No!  You have a 5 day grace period in which to pay it without a late fee.  So if your rent is due on the 1st of the month, it is late if not paid on or before the 6th.  Also late fees must be reasonable.  A $50.00 late fee is very unreasonable.  A late fee should reflect actual costs the park incurs when your rent payment is late.  Nothing more.  You need to write management and let them know they are not following the law and you should get any late fee immediately returned to you.