Recetly we offered to help our state-wide advocate Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League (GSMOL) “rebuild, renew and restore.” Simply put, we offered to print their 11,000 copies for current members and an additional 25,000 copies. They would distribute the 11,000 as they usually do. We would distribute the additional 25,000 copies via our current MHMag distribution network. The cost to GSMOL is yet to be decided, but we feel we can do the printing and distribution for less than GMSOL is currently spending to print and distribute only 11,000 copies, i.e. it is like GSMOL is getting an extra 25,000 distribution for nothing. And that’s a potential 25,000 new members. What better way to help GSMOL Rebuild, Renew and Restore?

Results of Survey

MHMag wanted to hear what you thought of our offer – the average “Joe” mobilehome owner. To that end, a survey was distributed via the internet and also published in our March 2014 MHMag. Results are still coming in, but this is what we have so far:
Question #1 & #2 simply explain our offer.
Question #3. In your opinion, how important is it for MHMag to help GSMOL increase it’s membership and to work with GSMOL in other ways?
Responses: 53% Extremely Important, 30% It’s Important, 4% No Opinion, 2% It’s Not Important, 4% I wouldn’t waste my time, 4% Other. Other Comments as follows:
The more members we have, he greater our power base will be resulting in greater leverage with park owners and managers.
Why not give it try? With mobile home owners so at the mercy of the-big-buck-boys, the only thing we have to loose by not working together, is more.
It is important that we fight the good fight. It is important to be the things our joint enemy is not. Honest, ethical, etc..
Question #4. In your opinion, how important is it for GSMOL to work with MHMag? Responses: 53% Yes it is extremely important, 34% yes it is important, 2% No Opinion, 4% 0% no it’s not that important, no I don’t want them working together. – Comments:
This means that we can be better organized and equipped to fight for our rights.
It is time to forget the past and look ahead to actually supporting MHP residents. Less talk. fewer meetings and get down to the real situation.
Hang together or hang alone has already been said!
As long as the two of you have the goal of helping Mobilehome residents (not just owners), the work you do should be compatible.
I think it’s important for all people and groups to try and work with each other, even Park Owners which I know many in GSMOL disagree with, As not all Park Owners are ghouls and creeps, there are good ones that you can communicate with that treat you like adults. This is the same with GSMOL but not all of GSMOL leadership seems to believes this.
Question #5. What do you think GSMOL should do?
Responses: 72% immediately contact MHMag and enter into serious discussions in an effort to make this a reality, 18% GSMOL should take their time and wait until after their April 2014 Convention and then perhaps talk with MHMag, 2% GSMOL should ignore this offer. It is not in the best interest of mobilehome owners, 0% GSMOL should ignore this offer, it is not in the best interest of GSMOL.
As fast as the laws are changed by influential and wealthy park owners, we should move as quickly as possible.
Mobilize in NO. Calif. , attend the Convention and elect some people that can do the job so damage control is not needed.
If they want to wait til after the convention, fine but think very hard about this offer we need this magazine, we are falling apart.
Grow and change! We park vulnerables simply can’t have GSMOL fade and fail.

“ There can be change without progress, but there can be no progress without change.”
Competition, and different perspectives on an issue, are good things. I would prefer that GSMOL and Mobilehome Magazine stay separate.
Politics is not my strong point. I do believe that folks of similar viewpoints can work together for everyone’s benefit. I wonder if it can be done. Is a lot of travel required?
Just to be philosophical, I believe all should “look within” for good will, cooperation, clear communication, etc.
It seems like waiting to talk about this issue is just time wasted, but I don’t know about GSMOL’s April convention and what it is. I think everyone on both sides has to be on board to make this work well. I ALSO THINK that transparently is important. I know that keeping some things confidential is probably necessary, but those who read the MH Mag and live in the Parks need info to keep their interest up. This has been a long ten years for me and I am tired. I need info to inspire me.
If most of the ones that go to the convention can
Agree to go with MH Magazine it may work better than just a few going ahead now.
I will hold my stance on GSMOL. Talk, talk, talk,talk, talk, very litle action. Yes they pass a few bils to help us all, but it is the leadership, not the attorney that brings me to a fighting spirit.
And then bring it forward to a vote at the convention up or down.
Question # 6. If you support the offer of MHMag, will you? Responses: 20% snail mail a letter of support to MHMag, P.O. Box 3774, Chatsworth, CA, 91313, 56% email us a letter of support, we will forward it to GSMOL, 33% call us at 818-886-6479 to indicate your support.
You may use any or all comments I’ve made in this survey and e-mail it to GSMOL, with my name on it. Or if you would prefer return this to me and I’ll construct them in the form of a letter and mail it to them.
I fell that the most pressing needs are somehow two-fold. 1. Overcome the isolation that individual mobile-home owners feel. (That’s the power of management over residents.) 2) Certain important questions need be aired and answered.
It sounds like a WIN-WIN proposal, I support it 100 %. I’m a member of both groups.
I do not support your idea. I will not call, email or snail mail anything.
I believe I speak for most mobile-home owners in thanking you for taking the time to look out for us.
Remove the politics and do what is best for California mobile home owners.
I think I have said it all…GSMOL please move forward and get involved in this and let MHMag help us by getting the word out…..and we will be saving money also and we need that…..
The time is at hand for everyone buying and living in a park mobile home to unite, as one! By so doing tame the green-eyed monster that haunts our very steps, daily, with impunity, before it gobbles us up one by one and spits us out!
We need masterful, unselfish, concerned and creative leadership at every level. Are you there?
Let me know the results of this brilliant idea…
WOW. Hope this happens.
Frank you do and done a fantastic job helping all mobilehomes owners. Thank you, keep it going you have all my support.
I feel like there is a lot that I don’t know. I would hate to see both entities implode. I would like to know that GSMOL really does want this arrangement. They have been around a long time and are understandably cautious.
I think we can get more accomplished if we all work together as one active group.
Good luck with this. Chaos rules and those in power are still wielding it…
Any time people work . Together great things happen . Sounds great. GOOD LUCK
An excellent idea!
Lets separate the politics from our business and lifestyle. GSMOL is way to heavy into hob nobbing with the mucky mucks, and there is more to our parks than just rent control. We have health and safety considerations and a changing demographic that needs to be recognized. The close knit Depression-WWII-post WWII generation is fading away as well
Isn’t it about time GSMOL started acting as an advocate instead of a small group of egomaniacs. As did Nero, the GSMOL BOD is fiddling while we are suffering. Let’s all work together. It’s not too late.