The following links provide invaluable information regarding park strategies to remove activists from parks.  In order for the links to work, please click on article title first.

evcd01 7 Day notice.pdf

evcd02 Second 7 Day Notice.pdf

evcd03 Third 7 Day Notice.pdf

evcd04 Fourth 7 Day Notice.pdf

evcd05 60 Days Notice.pdf

evcd06 response to 60 days notice.pdf

evcd07 park reply to response.pdf

evcd08 UD complaint.pdf

evcd09 UD answer.pdf

evcd10 Motion Summary Judgment by Plaintiff.pdf

evcd11 Opposition to MSJ.pdf

evcd12 MSJ Order denying MSJ.pdf

evcd13 minutes for court trial.pdf

evcd14 Proposed Judgment by park.pdf

evcd15 Objection to proposed judgment.pdf

evcd16 Judgment of Unlawful Detainer.pdf

evcd17 Motion to amend judgment by park.pdf

evcd18 Opposition to Motion Amend Judgment.pdf

evcd19 motion attorney fees ruling 051514.pdf