Our President, Frank Wodley, recently took a road trip around Southern California—talking with       mobilehome owners in San Diego, El Cajon, Chula Vista, Santee, Perris, and Hemet.

He spoke with leaders in two groups helping       residents in San Diego and Santee.  The first one is COMPAC (County Mobile Home Positive Action Committee, Inc.) and the second is (SMOAC) Santee Mobilehome Owners Action Committee, Inc.  It is our hope that they will assist us in telling others about CoMO-CAL and what we do.  After all, we just want to get information to mobilehome owners.

There is much activity in the San Diego area.  One park in El Cajon is working to retain the firm of   Edeman, Lincoln, Turek, and Heater for a “Failure to Maintain/Unfair Business Practices” lawsuit against their owner.  Their team has done a terrific job in  organizing residents but there is much hard work ahead.  We wish them all the best.  We understand ELTH has never lost a case, so if your park has    maintenance issues—problems with the electric, sewer, and other utilities along with management problems, ELTH is the go-to organization to contact.

Also there is an effort in El Cajon to get rent        stabilization. Remember our friends in Modesto, led by Sally Studer, who were able to get rent control for        Modesto and other cities.  The El Cajon folks should contact Sally.

We learned that a mobilehome park in San Diego, namely Mission Valley Village, will be closed as a consequence of a sale to a developer.  Fortunately residents will be compensated if they walk away from their homes.  This park closure has energized the other 12 parks in San Diego to organize to fight other park closings.  Of course CoMO-CAL will help with any effort to organize.

Frank also visited Meadowbrook, owned by Sam Zell (Equity Lifestyles),  in Santee.  They have an ongoing lawsuit, using attorney Jeremy Singer, to fight illegal rent increases.  We understand this is the last case Mr. Singer will take, as he plans to move to Seattle.

Management problems seem to occur in most parks.  Managers play “god” and usually get away with it.  We need to stop this abuse!  Especially “senior abuse.”

We want to thank those in Southern California who support our efforts.  We could not do it without you. Please fill out the survey and help us get more organized.

Those wanting more information about CoMO-CAL should contact Steve Molski (see page 2), our representative in the San Diego area.  Frank had breakfast and a nice chat with Steve and his wife, Loretta and we thank them for their service to CoMO-CAL and all mobilehome owners.  THANKS STEVE!