new update:5/1/2014
by the new year of 2014,
Rowland Heights Mobile Estate has changed their management team, paved the road, do not raising the rent in the year to all residents, open clubhouse to reasonable hour and so on.
Thank you to all people who supported our residents.
Ken Meng

Attachment 1: Evidence from Rowland Heights Mobile Estate Residents to FBI and Federal Attorney General for a Federal Criminal Action

Residents Urgently  Request for Restraining Order against Park Management

In Rowland Heights Mobile Estates located in Los Angeles County, California, the residents live in fear of losing their homes caused by the retaliatory and peremptory management. Facing discrimination, unreasonable rules, and high rents, residents organized a protest on May 4, 2013. Approximately 150 residents demonstrated placards, marched around the park and at walking way by Colima/ Nogales and Colima/ Paso Real intersections, at Rowland Heights, CA 91748 (See attached pictures/article). The list below shows what had happened in the park to the residents.

Management robbing, extorting, discriminating and abusing elderly

There are many elderly residents in this park who were discriminated and immorally abused. One resident in SPC * is 95 years old. He described his personal experiences and feelings for 20 minutes in public. He stated that “Living here is like living in jail.” He then shared the years of experience of being in this park. However he fears to write in words.
SPC * who is 86 year old lady is disabled and has low income. Because her family lived far away, a social worker found a caregiver to live together. However, the park management only allowed the caregiver to live in the house, but not the caregiver’s husband, charging $450 fine per month. The caregiver eventually had to leave. Management had forced to live alone and pay about $4300 of fees.
When SPC *’s children and grandchildren brought her food, temporarily parking their car in front of the house to unload, a tow truck came and hooked it up. SPC*’s son and grandson ran out and sat in the car to stop the towing. However, management called the sheriffs, and the car was towed. The towing company detained the car overnight, forcing them to pay over $400 to get the car. SPC *said, “I have been abused for all these years … it makes me want to die rather than live here.”
About the same towing case happened to SPC ** and SPC **.
One elderly resident, now 92 years old, was not able to swallow due to stomach surgery. His car which had a disabled parking sign was parked in front of his house with the engine on in order to walked to the patio with his wife. A tow truck came and the tow truck driver rushed to hook up the car and tow it. The old man asked the driver to stop and at least give back his key for entry to the house. The driver ignored him and towed the car away with the house key still hanging in the car, forcing him to go around for help. The tow truck company would not give him his car until he paid them in cash about $400.
The doctor required SPC * to sit outside comfortably for his failing health. Therefore, a sofa chair was put on the porch. However, the management then sent a notice to him, requiring him to remove the chair. The resident’s association informed management that the old man needs the chair to sit outside and that it does not bother neighbors. The park management’s action therefore intensified, not only warning that the sofa chair must be removed, but also a small table that was on the porch for years. The elderly family moved the items into the room suffering.
The elderly man who lived in SPC **  had provided many proposals to the federal government when he was younger. However, he now has disabilities. Someone piled his backyard with garbage and the manager called the sheriffs whom arrested and handcuffed him sitting in the wheelchair defenseless and forced him into a mental hospital. The hospital did not provide enough food and did not allow him to rest, every few hours taking his blood and doing other tests. He then felt fatigue and fell. He said, “After the second fall, I felt that I couldn’t get up again. I got enough effort to pray to God, finally having the power I struggled to stand up again. I decided to fight against the murder conspiracy and seek justice!”
The elderly lady who lived in SPC * had surgery in her heart. She had parked her car in front of her neighbor’s house for a quick visit. As she knocked at the door, a tow truck came and hooked up SPC *’s car. Ms. SPC ***elderly lady run and climbed up to the driver’s door asking the driver to not tow the car. The driver did not give her back the car, therefore she has to tell the driver that she had surgery for her heart. However, the driver insisted to tow the car until she paid him cash. She said she was scared that after she got her car back, she found that her pants was urinated.
SPC * likes to garden; however, the management recently sent notices to her regarding her plant supports even though the supports had been there for years. She asked for the resident’s association to help. Management then retaliated, sending intimidation letters, including a letter requiring her to go into the office with a translator. She felt intimidated and oppressed by the management. She said, “Throughout my life I never felt fear as I do right now, having no peace every day and night.”
One elderly household is very frightened of the management, even refusing to disclose their names and residence with newspaper reporters. Due to insufficient income, they had sublet a room. After being questioned by the park the tenants left. Management then threatened to come and search the house, intimidating the elderly household. Tenants had moved in for only 21 days, however, management asked the elderly household to pay a fee of $1,300. They felt that they cannot afford to pay that. When management did not accept their monthly rent payment, They cannot live peacefully as they felt fear of losing their home. Being already small the wife still lost more weight because of fears and lacks of sleep. After another resident helped them and translated for them, Chuck written with a marker a paper, forcing them to pay $15 a day for 30 days instead of 21 days, totaling $450. Due to fear, she paid. Exhibit F
While that elderly household’s son-in-law came to see them and pick his children up. A tow truck hooked up his car and drove away. The son-in-law hurried to chase the tow truck; however, the driver accelerated and dropped a business card, towing the car away. Because of fear to facing Chuck, they do not dare to go out often. When seeing the management, she trembles as fear.

Park management with criminal intent to create difficulties, retaliate and violate rights

Because a homeowner who had lived in Spc * had shortly parked his car in front of his house, the manager scolded him for around 10 minutes without giving any explanation. To persecute him, management sent him many notices demanding him that he repair his backyard, repaint his house, renovate the carport, etc. Park management even demanded that the house be painted three times because it wasn’t an “approved color”. Management has given him many unreasonable demands, including changing pipes that do not affect anyone and are in good condition. Many of the notices threatened that if the demands are not completed in 30 days, eviction will occur.  One of the park managers, Chuck Johnson, assaulted the homeowner with his golf cart, accelerating toward him, bringing physical and mental suffering by harassing him. He had a car accident caused by his newly incurred lethargic problems. His family was very scared, and reported to the fair housing for help. He has to sell his home at a very low price to leave the park. Many residents have situations where management threatens them with eviction.
Mr. Meng, who lives in SPC 133, decided to establish a residents’ association to organize residents to help each other and live in a better condition. Park management required Mr. Meng to sign a clubhouse reservation form in order to use the clubhouse. The reservation form requires “Proof that the entire Park was invited, non-residents may not attend, a “sign in” sheet to be given to us at the end of the meeting….” Mr. Meng refused to sign the unlawful form. Therefore, on February 2, 2013, a Saturday which the residents are planning to meet together, the park management locked the doors of the clubhouse, billiards room, and library without advanced notice. They hung a sign saying, “Closed for Cleaning”, forcing the residents to meet outside next to the pool. Mr. Meng’s wife then sent a lawful notification letter to them which led management’s lawyer to retaliate them and given them four 7 day notices to conform, telling Mrs. Meng to move a small chair, redo the awning supports, remove the concrete, remove one of her cars, and not allow Mr. Meng to live in the home. It stated that if not conformed to, then they would issue a 6o day notice to leave. However, in no correspondence did they respond properly to any of Mrs. Meng’s letters, and instead retaliated, eventually sending a 60 days termination of tenancy, not even receiving their rent. On June 3, 2013, it was found that management did not cash in the check for the May rent. Management said because they had sent a 60 day notice to terminate tenancy, they would not accept the check.
On April 1, 2013, Mr. Meng helped his neighbor SPC*** when she tripped on a crack in the road. However, during that time, the park managers were rude and commanded Mr. Meng to leave, not wanting him to stay with the injured. Mr. Meng would not argue with them as they are facing people who are injured, but still stayed to help. Even when Chuck Johnson threatened Mr. Meng, standing right in front of Mr. Meng to the point of touching him, Mr. Meng did not leave or move. If Mr. Meng left, there would be no one to do the translation to the paramedics. Mr. Meng followed ambulance to the hospital with the husband of the injured lady. The next day, Mr. Meng asked the manager under what law she was allowed to command him to leave. She replied, saying, “I’m the manager.”
The resident who lived in SPC * said in the media interview that his car was towed three times while he was just switching cars. Management told him, “You can’t stop for even a second.”  To retaliate, management monitored and stalked him, sending letters to harass him.
SPC ** set a video camera, recording the tow truck taking his car in one minute. Many same things happened on many residents.
The sign attached on the wall of the guest parking said that guests can park until 12:00am. However, SPC **’s friend’s car had been hooked up on or about 11:55 pm, before 12:00 am. When the resident and his friends walked to the guest parking lot, they saw that their car has been hooked up and that the management was with the tow truck driver. They ran to the car and talked to the driver that it was not 12:00 yet. However, the manager brought the resident and his friend aside to talk to them; in the meantime the driver started to tow away the car. The resident and his friend point the time on their watch and cell phone which shows that it was not 12:00 yet. However, the manager said that because the towing truck is here, the car has to be towed. Something similar happened to some residents.

Retaliation is the main tool by which the management “rule over” the residents

SPC ** had helped serve a lawful notification letter to management for Mrs. Meng. The management then pretended that they had not received their rent and issued a notice for him to pay the late fee.
SPC ** also helped serve a lawful notification letter. After the service, management demanded to have the few weeds be pulled.
The resident who lived in SPC ** had, in a media interview, revealed the unlawful towing. Because of that, he was stalked and monitored by the management.
SPC ** often joined the MRA meeting which was monitored by the camera in the clubhouse. He received a notice said that his yard has to be improved.

The park management criminally seizes the property

Some homeowners might have moved out already but cannot sell their home. However, the rent still needs to be paid. Homeowners eventually cannot afford all the costs, therefore allowing the park management to seize the property. If elderly people have passed away, many problems would arise where the heir of the home would rather just abandon the home, giving more gains for the management.
Another elderly resident applied for his wife to be one of the owners of the home. However, management refused to add her with the reasoning that she had an unstable income. Park management must approve every transfer of ownership, so obstacles are imposed and management can “pick” any prospective households, often maliciously obstructing homeowners from selling their home.
Many others have the same problem. The park got homes and rent for profit, on another hand, the park put in agreement to prohibit residents share rooms for surviving purpose as rent of the land is extremely high.

The park management conspired with sheriffs and officials

Sheriffs did not enforce the law. According to the California Vehicle code § 22658 (g) (1) (B), a car cannot be towed when the car owner asked for the car to be returned. Also, the vehicle stated that violation of this is a misdemeanor. By law, the sheriff may stop the robbing of cars. However, they instead to encourage towing.
Sheriffs acts lopsided towards the management. On April 22, Residents reported the criminal case to the Sheriff Station in Walnut after being back from reported case with FBI. The station promised to send a Chinese speaking sheriff at 3 pm to go and speak with the residents at the park to continue the complaint. About 20 homeowners waited. Around 3:20 pm, no one came, so the residents called. The sheriff station said that the sheriff would be there in 30 minutes. However, after 4pm, the Chinese speaking sheriff did not come; instead of a Chinese speaking sheriff, 2 patrol sheriffs appeared with a bad attitude and walked in with the park managers together. The sheriffs said that the managers could be there even though residents are already afraid of management. When residents asked for the sheriffs’ full name, they answered “sheriff”; when asked for the badge number, they gave their patrol number. The attitude of the sheriffs made residents uncomfortable, and said that the residents should “move out of here if you do not like it.” he sheriffs were indifferent to what the residents are experiencing. Residents complained to the station. However, the station did not take the complaint letter and threatened residents. Residents then wrote and sent certified mail to the Los Angeles County Sheriff and a copy to some senators. No valid response has been received and no Chinese speaking sheriff has come to date. Exhibit C Residents complained to Sheriff.
The state HUD officer had send SPC 133 a citation after management’s report to him. Mrs. Meng sent him a letter, however, the HUD officer never replied and never gave her any more citations (Exhibit D). Instead of continuing correspondence with MRs. Meng, the HUD officer instead support management to retaliate against SPC 133.

The management have also done many other unjust actions not state in this document due to its civil nature. including using unlawful contracts, wrongfully charge fees, violating the contracts, raising the rent not in line with rental agreement, and many civil unlawful actions oppressing the residents. The management plunders the poor’s earnings, and retaliates anyone who stands up. All residents of the park have been impacted by these actions of management and more than 50 households are serious victims. Residents sign this deeming that (1) the contract must be voided, (2) management  has to be judged against their oppressive actions and criminal activities, (3) a restraining order against management has to be made, and (4) the land investors to compensate for all the damages of residents and give residents fair rent.

The towing company has been criminally charged, see Exhibit A. There is a conspiracy of the management, sheriffs, officials, and the towing company. Residents also jointly request that an FBI investigation be started as soon as possible and the United States Attorney and/or District Attorney have to be involved.

Please also have the relevant agencies investigate these facts, provide special protection for the residents, and immediately stop the management from contacting the residents.

We solemnly affirm that the above statements and urgent requests are true facts of what has been experienced from the best knowledge of Residents.

Rowland Heights Mobile Estates Residents
1441 Paso Real Ave. Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Phone#: 626 581 6580          Email:

Exhibit A
About the towing case, letter from a resident:

Dear Ken, here is the information,
Superior Court Case No KA09757( it should be No KA097570–noted by Ken Meng)
1. Joe Belcher (owner of Hook It Up Towing)  charged with conspiracy to commit felonies.
2. Lisa Drynan (accomplice) charged with conspiracy to commit felonies
Outcome:  released due to lack of evidence
3. Robert Tinker, a Hook it Up employee was on parole for another crime when he worked for Hook it Up.  He received a reduced prison sentence by pleading guilty to 2 felonies:  illegal taking of a car and assault with a deadly weapon.
4. The managers of Rowland Heights Mobile Home Estates were aware that towing laws were being broken in the park.  To begin with, when Violet Farmer was questioned by Deputy Stegner of the Walnut Sheriff’s Station, she said that Lisa Drynan had permission to patrol the park to find cars for Hook it Up Towing.  This is known as predatory towing, which is against the law.

Exhibit B
Testimony of a resident:

Testimony highlighted above on Exhibit B is not supposed to show on website to prevent retaliation. Please keep it in private.

Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit F