All of you devoted readers of Mobile Home Magazine saw the October article that was titled “California Residents Under Siege”. Who would have ever thought that the Golden State would suddenly become tarnished.
I live in San Jose, Ca. We too are under siege. Our particular villain’s name is “Urban Village” and greed. Our once sleepy farming community is trying to grow up and be like San Francisco. At least that is what our Planning commission is telling us. We want to have less parking, build large buildings where you can work, eat, sleep and walk or bike to shopping.
In order to accomplish this we will have to tear down our Mobile Home Parks. These Parks were built near transit and shopping because many seniors no longer are able to drive. If they are senior Parks they also are under rent control and the owners can’t overcharge. If we are sold to a developer and he comes in and builds expensive condos, guess what? More tax money for the city coffers. The little nit is none of the seniors that called this home can buy an expensive condo.
What happens to the seniors who have nice homes in the Park? No one but the seniors seem to care. Most live on social security only, which puts them in the poverty category. Even the ones who have social security plus a pension do not have the money to go and start all over again. Most people over the years have made their houses to fit their lifestyle. People with disabilities have fixed their homes to enable them to live full and productive lives. People who are in their 80’s 90’s often do not have family any longer to help them.
Fight Back
What is the answer to the owners/developers who want to take our homes? Fight back, let’s band together by using these forums such as Mobilehome Magazine to find others. We can be powerful if we all band together. We can fight City Hall. I know if you are willing to stand up for me, I am more than willing to stand up for you. We are voters who actually take pride in voting. The Mayors, City Council, Senators and Legislators need us and want our votes. We just need to make sure they earn our votes.
Let’s not become casualties in the war to remove affordable housing for profit. Let’s not become refugee’s at the mercy of family or friends. Let’s make a stand together. Let’s say ‘Owner if you are tired of running this Park then sell it to us’. You will make a reasonable profit and still be able to sleep at night knowing you did not put an elderly person at risk. San Jose wake up. Are you tired of being held hostage in your own homes. San Jose Mobile Home Parks need to grow up and join together to protect one another. We see one Park after another where the owners want to sell out and make some big bucks or get rid of the rent control. One Park had to fight a 33% rent increase. We have another Park who is fighting to keep rent control. Our Park is fighting zoning so that we won’t lose our homes.
Just think if we banded together and created an alliance of all Mobile Home Parks in San Jose. What if we became just one large voice instead of one small voice? What if we said “Hell No We Aren’t Going To Take It Anymore”. What if we, who are just a hundred and fifty became 3000 or 4000?
San Jose Alliance of Mobile Homes
Join Winchester Ranch in forming the San Jose Alliance of Mobile Homes (SJAMH). We know there are 58 Mobile Home/Trailer Parks in San Jose with a total of 10,660 spaces. (Also 15 parks and 4,000 in neighboring Sunnyvale.) We know this is the answer to affordable housing. We know that we can make our politicians listen if we all stick together. In December we will host the first ever SJAMH and invite each and every one of you to come and join us in figuring out how we can best protect ourselves and each of you.
Urban Villages want to gobble us up just like the old Pac Man. We have what the developers want and the Urban Designers are selling. Most of us are close to some sort of transit, shopping, eateries, hospitals, freeways. They are wanting to do away with cars in the Village. They will cut parking by half. They will turn car lanes into bike only lanes just as they have done on Hedding and First. The premise is that you will live, eat, shop, walk, bike, bus in your village. To accomplish this feat they must get rid of the Mobile Home Parks and use that land because we are where the transit is.
We are the throw away people. We have paid taxes and contributed to the Community but we are not in the plan. Don’t be held Hostage by the City Planners, Owners and Developers.
Join me in making a difference by saving our homes and keeping rent control.
Contact Phyllis Tripp, 408-247-7335,, resident of Winchester Ranch Mobile Home Community
Mari Jo wrote: Please look at our story and share it with everyone your know. I hope you will share it with everyone you know. Thank you all for taking a moment to watch and see the people really effected by the Santana two/Urban Village.
Your kindness and patience has paid off in what I feel is a very good video.
I hope you enjoy it. Here is the link to YouTube:

Article by Phyllis Tripp, Winchester Ranch Mobile Home Community