By Betty Lovell, Orcutt Ranch

During a recent Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors meeting, Hank Hoysak, Chairman of the   Central Coast Manufactured-Home Owners Alliance (CCMHOA), spoke to the issue of the need for a    Mobilehome Park Conversion Ordinance for the County of Santa Barbara, “so that situations similar to Foss  Mobilehome Park in Solvang do not occur where a developer wanted to buy the park and build   upscale $700,000 homes.  Mobilehome owners were offered $7,000 for the relocation of their homes,    according to a newspaper article.”   Mr. Hoysak also pointed out the future plans by the Santa Maria Airport to convert the Airport Mobilehome Park into a golf course.  “Fortunately, Santa Maria’s Conversion Ordinance states that compensation to Homeowners shall be in-place market value if there is no place to move the homes within a 10 mile radius.”

One of a homeowner’s greatest fears is the possibility of losing their home.  This fear is magnified when the home is a Mobile/Manufactured home, located on a rented plot of ground in a mobilehome park or community.  As a scarcity of developable land is becoming a reality, many cities and counties have adopted Mobilehome Park Conversion Ordinances, which offer som measure of protecting the Homeowners.

Betty Lovell, a long-time mobilehome owner, cited a portion of the California Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL), wherein the Legislature finds “…It is necessary that owners of mobilehomes occupied within mobilehome parks be provided with the unique protection from actual or constructive eviction…”  The MRL also recognizes the Park Owners have certain property rights, therefore it “allows for change of use of the Park or any portion thereof…”:  Ms. Lovell joined Mr. Hoysak in requesting the subject “Mobilehome Park Conversion Ordinance” be placed on the agenda for a future meeting.  The entire Board expressed a positive interest in the request.