Rate the content of THE VOICE:

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□  Average

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□  Excellent


How important, do you feel,  is it to be informed about issues that may affect you?

□  Extremely important

□  Important

□  Not Important

What do you prefer? (check as many as apply)

□ Continue THE VOICE monthly

□ Change & publish every other month

□ Less Pages      □ More Pages

□ Content too technical—make it less technical

□  Don’t Change anything about number of pages or content

About the issues described in THE VOICE?

□  Most issues DO NOT affect me

□  Most issues DO affect me

□  No opinion

Do you receive THE VOICE each month?

□  Yes, in good condition

□  No, I am missed once in a while




□  It is a one page, two sided “mini-VOICE”

□  It will be published by CoMO-CAL monthly

□  It is intended for ALL Mobilehome Owners, not just CoMO-CAL members

□  CoMO-CAL will print THE WHISPER at  NO CHARGE

□  CoMO-CAL will send you as many copies of THE WHISPER to you as you need for your whole park

□  If you copy THE WHISPER, CoMO-CAL will reimburse you at the rate of $.03/page

□  All of the above

□  None of the above

(Actually the correct answer is “all of the above.”)

Do you think THE WHISPER is a good idea for residents in your park and/or your area?

□  Yes, everyone should be informed

□  No, they would not be interested

□  No opinion

We want to distribute this one page flyer.

□  I will volunteer to distribute it in my park

□  I will volunteer to distribute in other parks also

□  No I will not volunteer to help distribute the flyer

□  I will recommend a neighbor who will volunteer

□  I will ask my friends—one of them might volunteer to distribute THE WHISPER