1. ASK   OUR   MEMBERSHIP   A   QUESTIONCoMO-CAL asked:  if you could ask our members a question, what would it be.  Here are their answers.  We thank Jerry Lenhard, Sandy Cissell, Will Juncosa, Milt Burdick and Bob Hites for their input.  If you would like to respond to any of their questions, please do so.  If you would like to submit a question, write us at the address below or email us.  Thank You.

    How many people do you know that are threatened by a park owners’ desire for profits at residents’ expense?

  2. How many people do you know that are doing anything about it?
  3. Which is a greater problem, owners’ greed, which can’t be changed, or resident apathy, which can be changed?
  4. Is there justification for complaining about conditions in our parks and the security of our investments if we are not actively doing something about it?
  5. Why doesn’t your park have an active homeowners’ association?
  6. Why haven’t you written letters to Sacramento concerning current legislation?
  7. Do you think other people will defend your rights for you effectively?
  8. How about asking CoMO-CAL members if they would support the Jarvis initiative IF it DID NOT include elimination of rent control in mobilehome parks?
  9. What will you do if your rent doubles next year?
  10. Will you schedule a meeting in your park for a guest speaker who can help you.
  11. Will you send us a letter describing the worst thing your park mgr/owner has done or threatened to do? We can print the story & won’t use your name.
  12. Will you deliver flyers/newsletters in your park?
  13. If we help you, will you write a “letter to the editor”?
  14. Will you go to a city council/county supervisor meeting to protest?
  15. Would you like an attorney to come & speak at your park?
  16. Will you help YOUR cause by volunteering for a “phone tree”?
  17. Is it proper to belong to an organization that is not portraying the truth about its own ideology?
  18. Should residents be aware of Megan’s Law?
  19. Is there ever going to be a time that people will stand up for their rights?
  20. Is it legal to take pictures, video or still in a park?


Please take a moment from your busy day and reflect on these questions.  Send us a letter or an email.  Communication is important, not just from CoMO-CAL to you, but from you to us.

Remember, knowledge is POWER!  Through communication be become powerful.  There is hope, but we all must do our share.