Mr. Bob Hites and I attended the 2008 GSMOL Convention in Sacramento to represent CoMO-CAL.  Bob and I are members of GSMOL, CMRAA, and CARA. We went to observe and report back to CoMO-CAL members.

In fact, I’ve attended the last three GSMOL Conventions and all three were very similar.  Each had one day of lectures (HCD, ELTH, Q & A, etc), and half a day devoted to voting on bylaw amendments, elections, and GSMOL Business.

For Bob Hites, the Convention was a success as he was able to meet many mobilehome owners leaders he had emailed, but never met.  And GSMOL did provide information – their action manual on DVD, a folder on ELTH, info on voter registration, etc.

For me, the Convention showed the declining state of GSMOL.  Although GSMOL membership is now about 17,000, fewer than 80 attended the seminars, half of those were delegates.  I counted about 22 delegates for Zone A (Northern California), 15 for Zone B (Central California), 4 for Zone C (Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange Counties), and none from Zone B (South of Los Angeles).  GSMOL members simply were not represented!

The Saturday session seemed to offer a chance to brainstorm and network.  I personally would have liked to have those attending split up into smaller groups to discuss issues in their own parks and brainstorm solutions.  Unfortunately this did not happen.

As usual, the business session on Monday was too short to complete the agenda.  I’m very disappointed that GSMOL Leaders did not present a financial    report or allow time for observers to speak “for the good of the order” comments.

Another disturbing outcome, the 17,000 members now have NO control over assets of the corporation.  Delegates went along with the board and approved a bylaw amendment that gives the Board of Directors full control over real estate—buying, selling and    encumbering.  Members—Beware!

Another amendment would have provided delegates important financial information—salaries of employees, expenses, income, etc.  Bob Lupo, GSMOL Treasurer, argued it would cost too much and this is already available in Garden Grove.

I must disagree.  Monthly reports and a year end summary are routinely done.  This information could   easily be summarized, in probably less than four pages.  The cost would be a few dollars.

In fact, I tried to see this information 4 years ago in Garden Grove.  After two requests, they would not release any employee salaries, i.e. I did not see it!  In years past, GSMOL put financial information directly in the Californian for all members to see.