I am a Realtor in Santa Barbara and a mobile home owner in a rent-controlled park.  I have  discovered that the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) is the biggest and strongest force against rent control in California.  It always have been against rent control.

For instance, it was C.A.R. which sank AB 1542. AB 1542 would have helped protect residents in rent-controlled parks from having their parks forcibly converted to condos.  Condo              conversion would result in the loss of rent       control.  The bill was vetoed by the governor, who acted according to instructions in a letter sent to the governor from C.A.R.  I have a copy of the letter.

C.A.R. also supported AB 1309, which would have gotten rid of rent control over a several year period, and would have immediately rendered the homes undesirable for a New Buyer.  C.A.R. even had its staff at the entrance to the state     Assembly door to try to convince Assembly members to pass AB 1309 when the vote was to come up.

On the June ballot, there will be a measure called Proposition 98, also known as the Jarvis Initiative.  Prop 98 would instantly make the   equities of rent-controlled mobile homes worth little more than scrap by the manner in which Prop 98 would get rid of rent control for anyone wanting to buy your home.  C.A.R.     supports the proposition.

Worse still, C.A.R. opposes Proposition 99, the proposition that would nullify Prop 98.  Prop 99 would also provide more protections to our     mobile home rent control.

Almost all California Realtors, including myself, are members of C.A.R.  A number of us Realtors in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo have sent many communications to the C.A.R. leadership explaining to them that getting rid of rent control would mean that over 100,000 California homeowners would immediately lose their                equities.  We have explained to them that if there was no rent control for new Buyers, there would be no Buyers.

But we need more voices to convince the leadership.  There are over 200,000 members of C.A.R., so we need more Realtors to speak up.  If you know a Realtor, please ask the person to tell the C.A.R. leadership to stop opposing rent control. 

It would also help greatly if you were to explain to the C.A.R. leadership what losing rent control would do to your home value.

Here is the contact info for the C.A.R. leadership:

James Richard Richard Realty 805-698-6929   richardrealty@aol.com