Judy in Hemet reports management telling residents they can sell their mobile home, but their buyer must move the home if it is older than 1974.

Marianne in Valley Village, North Hollywood, indicates her manager will not give applications to buyers of mobile homes unless it is to purchase a park owned, new home.

Another member called thanking us for the article about “scams.”  This is costing residents in her park thousands of dollars.

Mary Lou in Chatsworth Mobile Home Park has a lawsuit against the park owner, claiming Unfair Business Practices.  The owner claims she must “bring her mobile home to current code.”  This means taking all metal siding off and replacing with wood siding, replacing her “flat” roof with a gable roof, redoing her porch, etc.  Another part of the law suit deals with management interference with emergency services coming into the park to treat Mary Lou’s handicapped daughter.

Rosalinda, who owns a mobile home in Palisades Bowl, has alerted us: 1)  The owner wants to sell the spaces to the residents, and 2) A resident is passing around a questionnaire from the attorney firm E.L.T.H in San Diego as the preliminary step to filing a “Failure to Maintain” lawsuit.  CoMO-CAL will send fliers into Palisades Bowl suggesting that residents use CoMO-CAL as a resource.

Michelle, a R.E. Agent for three residents in Tahitian Terrace, Pacific Palisades, indicates the owner is challenging Rent Control by increasing rents to $1300 per month for the buyer (under rent control they would have been $500).


Of course this is what CoMO-CAL is all about.  You are our eyes and ears.  With your help, we are learning what is happening all around the State of California.  Keep up the good work.  The more we know, the more we can help.  Any regular reader knows we have a flier to combat the issue in Valley Village—age is not a criteria for the park to ask you to move your home.  And please be careful of those who would scam you by saying you need new wiring or plumbing, etc.  We suggest you use licensed contractors; otherwise if you have a fire or other loss, your insurance company might not cover it.

And please, please send in any information on lawsuits, whether or not on going.  This will help us understand where the problems exist and what is being done to fight them.