Donald DeVore, author of Mobilehome Wars (available thru CoMO-CAL for $10) and a 30 year advocate, wrote the following in his book:

Now, I will share what some of my thoughts and advice about forming a statewide organization to represent homeowners. What I am about to say might upset some of those who already have a statewide homeowner organization. First order of business is that each and every manufactured housing community should form a community Home Owner Association. Then, the Home Owner Association should pick two Delegates to sit on an Advisory Council for a statewide organization. This Advisory Council should elect officers to run the organization and act as an advisory council to make sure the organization has goals and objectives for those they represent. Through membership fees, funding should be made available to pay the Staff and Officers of the statewide       organization. Also, you will have to have money to hire attorneys and professional lobbyist to   represent you and your interests. If you set up District Reps., you will need to compensate them for their expenses for traveling from town to town in your district.

You need to have a monthly publication so that all homeowners can find out what is going in their area, the state, and the State Legislature. It costs money to put a monthly publication. Personally, I feel that the state organization should be the     umbrella organization over individual Home Owner Associations. I feel that the individual Home Owner Associations should operate in an independent manner. Each community in different parts of the state has different situations to deal with. I feel it is more appropriate that the individual organizations endorse the actions of the state organization through their votes and Delegate representation. This way, you don’t have a few people at the top of the state organization telling individual organizations what to do, or how to do it. You already have some of the landlords acting like dictators. You don’t need anyone in a homeowner organization to be a dictator also. You need a democratic organization and representation.



Today CoMO-CAL has members in over 500 parks; however we have only one or two members in 50% of these parks.  We will be sending letters out to all these members asking for their help. You have a unique opportunity to get something       accomplished in your community.  Tell others about CoMO-CAL, distribute information, etc.  We will back up your efforts.  If the park thwarts your work, we will get our attorney involved.  It is our right to inform mobilehome owners.  Don’t be afraid, there is a law against the park retaliating against you.

Don’t wait for a letter from us.  You have a good idea if you are the only member in your park.  Take the bull by the horns, call a few of your friends and neighbors and have a small get-together.  This can be the beginning of a park HOA.

CoMO-CAL is well on its way to being the #1  advocacy group in California.  We now have representation in Sacramento, we are the only group with a monthly newsletter, a message board and an e-mail ALERTS.  We are democratic, in fact we ask you to contribute – make suggestions, comments, criticism.  Our ultimate goal is to make a difference, to help YOU and all mobilehome owners across the state.

We have a lot of resources.  We have members with over 15 years of experience in advocacy.  We have lots of ideas.  Don’t sit back and think you can just read THE VOICE and everything will be fine.  It doesn’t work that way.  Please believe us.  Please trust us.  We are on your side.