The State-Wide Group

The Plan requires a new state-wide group be formed to carry out the Directive detailed in the previous article. One option is to reactivate The Coalition of Mobilehome Owners – California (COMO-CAL). COMO-CAL was incorporated October 13, 2004, Corporation # C2682586. It was active between 2005 and the end of 2011. A decision was made to inactivate COMO-CAL in lieu of running Mobilehome Magazine full time and reaching many more MH owners. To facilitate this, COMO-CAL refunded monies to its members and discontinued taking memberships. Today COMO-CAL has no members and no assets; however it is still a viable non-profit 501(c)3. COMO-CAL has a bank account and a board of directors and it is ready to serve as the new state-wide organization and to make the reorganization plan a reality.
The Bylaws of COMO-CAL are being modified to reflect its new role: a) It will execute The Directive making sure advocates have signed and abide by the new Pledge before receiving funding, b) It will provide checks and balances, c) It will keep an accounting of all members, their contact information, their membership fees and donations, and the disbursement of funds, d) It will communicate directly with all groups, and e) It will use MH Life magazine to provide financial and membership updates, i.e. how many joined, plus income and expenses for the quarter.

Who Will Run COMO-CAL

For now, Frank Wodley, Rose Rosales and Ella Clark are the COMO-CAL Board of Directors (BOD). As Regional Organizations(RO) are formed, each RO will have one seat on the board. This way everyone will eventually be represented. Remember, COMO-CAL has a Directive and it can’t deviate from that, no matter who sits on the BOD.
All Organizations
All organizations will be required to sign and abide by the Pledge. These organizations will promote the Unity Plan and membership in COMO-CAL. COMO-CAL will fund according to the formula in this article.

Regional Organizations

We are just starting to form Regional Organizations. There is now one for greater Los Angeles. Each Regional Organization will promote teamwork, sharing, and communication between all local and park groups in a region. Each will use MH Life Magazine to provide updates.

Local Organizations

There are many well established Local Organizations. They will receive funding from COMO-CAL as soon as they sign and abide by the Pledge. We would like to see them unite the parks in their local area and get everyone on board with the Unity Plan. What they do about local issues and how they do it is entirely up to them, but they will be accountable.

Park Organizations

Park organizations, including GSMOL chapters, must sign and abide by the Pledge also if they are to be funded by COMO-CAL. For your information, GSMOL chapters receive essentially no funding from GSMOL.

Funding For Advocate Groups

Initially the division of each $25 membership might look like this; however it can be tweaked as time goes on to provide the most effective division of funds. The goal is to provide enough money so each entity can do its job.
Advocate Group Money
Park group $4
Local group $5
Regional group $2
Lobbyist / Legal $5
MH Life Magazine $7

Funding Stays Local

If you join COMO-CAL, your park, your local group and your regional group will receive funding, not a group on the other side of the state, i.e. your membership will directly fund those who are directly helping you.

Use of MH Life Magazine

MH Life Magazine will be available for COMO-CAL, Regional and Local groups to use, every month if necessary, in order to keep the MH Community updated. Since there will be so many park groups, they will publish (MH Life Magazine may offer this service) their own newsletter each month, which can be inserted into MH Life Magazine.
COMO-CAL, Not An End in Itself
Unlike the state group of today, COMO-CAL is not an end in itself. Your membership dues will not stay with COMO-CAL. COMO-CAL is simply a means to get all advocates working together, networking, brainstorming, sharing with each other, operating ethically, being open and transparent, publishing financial and membership reports, etc. COMO-CAL provides checks and balances to see your advocates are working hard for you! You deserve no less.