After all the years of essentially doing the same thing, is the Unity Plan realistic and how on earth can we make it happen? If it is so great, why has it taken so long to be introduced. It’s obvious such a plan would certainly benefit MH owners. That’s what MH owners want and need.

Your Leaders Don’t Want Change

The answer is simple. Your leaders haven’t wanted change. Why would they brainstorm ways to change? Do you actually think they would give up their power and control to better protect you? Think again.
In our opinion, no one wanted to find a better way because those getting your money have the power and will do anything to maintain the status quo. They simply don’t want change. After all, they can take their paid weekend retreats, bask in the glory their leadership brings, spend your money any way they want and not be accountable, even to their members.
But what about MH owners? Today you have no vote, no say, you don’t elect your leaders, and you have no input as to how they spend your money or what they do. All you can do is blindly follow and hope they will do the right thing. A handful of folks have complete control. Isn’t there a better way? Yes, there is!
Here is another reason why nothing has changed. Up to now, no one has taken the time or had the energy to reinvent a better mouse trap. Not until now. Remember, we have said MH Life Magazine isn’t just another pretty face, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box. And this time we think we’ve hit a home run! And you are the game winner.

Advocacy Starts With Trust

Advocacy starts with trust. No trust equals no advocacy. If you research how non-profits usually run, you will find most follow a code. MH Life and The Voice, over the last ten years, have suggested a code for advocates in California. We even suggested a Code at the first GSMOL/COMO-CAL summit in Sacramento with Christine Minnehan and Brian Augusta, GSMOL’s lobbyists at the time. Christine felt a code was important. Unfortunately it never happened.
Let’s make one thing clear. We are not telling anyone what to do. We are simply suggesting what works and what doesn’t work. For those really wanting to serve you, we feel the Unity path is a no brainer. They should jump at the opportunity to be open and transparent, unless they have something to hide.

The Pledge

The Pledge is the key to the Unity Plan. If every advocate and advocacy group would sign and abide by it, this would be a red letter day for MH owners. Here is the Pledge:
Pledge to be open and transparent.
Pledge to publish financial and membership reports at least twice a year.
Pledge to have at least quarterly meetings. Meetings may be via the internet if necessary.
Pledge to work, share, network, brainstorm and communicate with all others in our state-wide community.
Pledge to be responsive, i.e. respond within 24 hours to emails, or phone calls, and within 7 days to letters.
Pledge to be accountable for their actions.
Pledge to support the new Unity Plan and support the new state-wide group.

Is The Pledge Reasonable

We feel the Pledge is very reasonable, don’t you? Isn’t this what you would like to see your advocates doing? We think so. We at MH Life are dedicated to helping MH owners so we signed the Pledge without hesitation.