The mobile/manufactured home community is demanding change in the structure of advocacy today.  We agree 100%.  The last 10 months we’ve been developing a plan that will provide MH owners a)  information, b) education c) a Help Line, d) a Legal Fund.  In addition, the Regional Group Plan will begin resolving decades long problems (interference of sales, management problems, abuse, harassment, intimidation, etc.).

Regional Group Plan 101

You can make the Regional Group Plan a reality.   The Plan only requires you to :  a) Join COMO-CAL ($25/year), b) Promote COMO-CAL, c)  Donate to COMO-CAL and d) Volunteer for a leadership position.  That’s it!    We do understand if you only join…that’s terrific and thank you!

When You Join COMO-CAL

You receive:

  1. A years subscription to MH Life Magazine
  2. A welcome letter with your membership number, and a 10 point Bill of Rights
  3. A 36 page COMO-CAL Frequently Asked Questions Handbook, mailed first class to your door
  4. As a COMO-CAL member, you can use COMO-CAL’s Help Line (818-886-6479) (some restriction on the kinds of questions you can ask – see the September 2015 MH Life Magazine).
  5. A portion of your $25 dues go into a Legal Fund.  This fund will provide us with an attorney (consultation and letter writing).
  6. We give you a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.  If at any time you are not satisfied, we will refund your $25 in full, no questions asked!   We are the only advocate that gives such a guarantee.

Benefits of the Regional Group Plan

Never before has an advocate offered so much for so little.  And we guarantee results or your money back, no questions asked.  But the Plan won’t work unless you and your friends and neighbors support it.

Benefits to the MH Community:

  1. It gets everyone working together (that’s huge in itself) to their full potential
  2. The Plan focuses on today and the future, rather than on the past.
  3. It uses ALL resources, including GSMOL, MH Life Magazine, Local Groups, Park Groups, etc. We encourage local and park leaders to become leaders in the new Plan.
  4. The Plan embraces ALL MH owners who want to be involved, as leaders, followers, volunteers. It excludes no one.
  5. It gives a voice to all MH owners, not just a few. It provides equal representation to all.
  6. It puts the money where it will do the most good. It funds a lobbyist, the Regional Groups, a legal fund and a magazine.
  7. Members fees are used to protect them, not someone hundreds of miles away, i.e. Regional Group monies, including a legal fund, remain in the region.
  8. It provides a group (the new State Group) to oversee all Regional Groups and to offer help when it is required.
  9. It eliminates competition, negativity and politics among advocates.
  10. It greatly reduces current overhead costs by as much as 50%. This means more of your membership dues are available to protect you.
  11. The Plan increases efficiency.
  12. It increases networking, sharing and teamwork.
  13. It provides a strong foundation and guidelines to go forward.
  14. It provides much needed checks and balances. It provides a plan for the removal of those leaders who are not doing their job.
  15. It provides a balance of power. It returns power and control to the people. Power to the People!
  16. It allows local areas to determine their own fate, work on their own issues, and support their own members. It allows everyone to share their problems, and successes.
  17. It provides expertise and consultants for all MH owners.
  18. It provides UNITY: All for one and one for all.
  19. It provides a Legal Fund for all members to help with enforcement
  20. It allows us to promote other options of enforcement of the Civil Code Laws, rather than having to hire an attorney and going to court.
  21. The plan means less apathy and more participation by MH owners. Why?  Because now the process will be much more efficient and effective.  Residents will see results and trust in the process and want to get involved.
  22. It provides a magazine to all members, and a free magazine to residents so they know someone is there to protect them, so they know they are not alone.
  23. It provides for elections of advocates based on merit and expertise. It allows all members to vote, not just a handful.

Benefits to Local Groups:

  1. The Plan does not change your group in any way. You keep your name, bylaws, website and Board of Directors.  You run your group essentially the same as you have in the past.
  2. The Plan provides a Regional Magazine for your use, saving your group both money and time. (Regional Group Leaders may decide on a name for your magazine.)  Use it to replace your newsletter.  All you have to do it submit content for the Magazine.  We will do the rest, up through sending you Magazines for your area. Other local groups will also supply content.  (In the case of San Diego, there are at least 5 local groups (Oceanside, San Marcos, Escondido, Chula Vista and Santee).  Prior to publication, all groups will get a preliminary magazine so they can make changes and modifications.
  3. You don’t have to spend your time on a computer keeping track of members anymore. The Plan automatically provides you with a membership roster, once a month and an accounting of moneys contributed by residents in your area.
  4. The Plan will automatically provide your group money for operation expenses.
  5. There is a huge potential for added revenue from advertising in the Magazine.

Responsibilities of Local Groups:

  1. We ask you support the Plan, promote the Plan to residents in your area, and have them join COMO-CAL. Remember, COMO-CAL receives the funds (at this point in time only $2/member go to COMO-CAL).   Funds are divided as per the formula below.
  2. We ask you distribute the magazine in your area, door to door, every month. We will get magazines to you about a week before the first of every month.
  3. We ask that you find at least one contact in each park in your area who will be responsible to distribute the magazine.
  4. We ask you contribute content to the magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will there be guidelines for those promoting the Plan?  Actually yes.

We suggest every advocate take a Pledge to be a) Open, b) Transparent, c)  Responsive to their membership, d) Willing to work with all other advocates, anywhere in California (that means communicate with them, brainstorm solutions to problems and share information and knowledge), e) Not criticize other advocates

How will revenue be distributed?

We suggest all Regional Groups adopt a uniform division of member’s $25 annual dues.  At such time as the Regional / Local Groups take the responsibility to distribute the Magazine,  the division of revenue will be $5 to the Magazine, $10 to a Legal Fund, $2 to COMO-CAL and $8 to the Regional / local groups.  As the Plan develops, this division might change slightly.

What about additional revenue via advertising?

Today one single magazine, delivered to 30 senior parks in an area, is netting $10,000 per month!  This could be our revenue!

How can we help get advertising for the magazine? 

It is simple.  The Magazine will furnish you with rate schedules and promo materials.  Every business you frequent in your area is a potential advertiser.

How will advertising revenue be split?

We suggest a 50%/50% split between the Magazine and the Regional Group.  The Regional Group can decide how that revenue will be used.


Going Forward:

  1. We suggest there be a trial period to implement the Plan. Immediately, your local group will submit content for the next magazine, i.e. October 2015.  Then when printed, you will accept copies of the Magazine and distribute it in your local area.  We will work out any issues as we go, but this is a relatively simple process.  You submit content on or before the 5th of each month for the next month (September 5th for the October Magazine).
  2. We will take your content, along with content from other groups, and assemble it into your Regional Magazine. We will submit the final magazine for your approval (you have 24 hours to make changes), and once approved we will have it printed and delivered to your group.  Along with content from local groups, we will accept appropriate material from everyone in the MH Community.
  3. Once your group is satisfied the process is working okay (2-3 months), then we ask you to support the Plan. That means promoting membership in COMO-CAL.
  4. Membership dues go to COMO-CAL. COMO-CAL will provide you a monthly membership and financial spreadsheet.


What if a Local Group rejects the Plan?

We are convinced the Plan will work.  Our recent survey demonstrates the MH Community wants change and the Plan brings that change.  It excludes no one.  It means resources will be used more efficiently and effectively.  It means everyone is working together, without infighting, bad mouthing or one group excluding another.  How else can we combat a Park Owner’s group that is well organized?

If your group has concerns, let’s talk about them.  But we are unwilling to simply go our own way if you reject the plan without discussion.    We know what MH owners need and deserve.  Let’s go forward together to provide them the best service we can.