We have conducted several “reader surveys’ over the years and the results are clear. MH owners want advocates working together, keeping an eye on the prize, solving problems MH owners face, without politics or one-up-manship.
What Works?
Can we at least all agree on what works? Let’s make a list of actions that work. (“Actions” is the key word.) It takes everyone participating in the process, whether its a few minutes and pennies a day or working 24/7.

Advocacy in Chaos

We have written many times over the years about the chaotic state of advocacy in California. Today, almost all advocates are on the wrong path; however, with a little effort and your support, we can make this a new day and get advocates on the right path.

Many Paths

The backpacker in the cartoon represents each of your advocates. Each has many different options of paths to take; however only one path, the Unity path, best serves you, the California MH owner.
Other paths lead to politics, egos, divisiveness, dissension, selfish behavior and bad-mouthing, i.e. all counter to Strength in Numbers and helping you!
Advocates should be focused on what works (table above) and also be trustworthy, transparent, open and focused on one priority, namely helping you, the MH owner. (Most are not.) The Unity path plan gets advocates working together, sharing, communicating, networking, and brainstorming, i.e. Strength in Numbers. The only way to go!

Making It Happen

So how do we get advocates working together, without the usual politics, in fighting, divisiveness, and dissension? Do all these groups have to reorganize? Do they have to stop working for you? Do they have to change their Bylaws? What do they have to do to follow the Unity Path?
Why hasn’t something like the Unity Plan been undertaken before? After all, it will accomplish so much for you, the MH owner (see benefits in KISS article).
Do we have a way to bring them together, so all groups are working together, i.e. communicating, sharing, networking, brainstorming, etc. Yes we do. Read “The Pledge” on a different post.