Since the magazine became a reality, we’ve always said its the peoples magazine. What do we mean? We provide the magazine for your use and your benefit. The magazine serves an extremely important function: to educate, to inform, to network and to unite the MH Community. And the magazine has indeed been a success. We certainly have a lot of “followers.” And we appreciate your support. Together we are making a difference.
Now we have a plan whereby every MH owner can take their power back. We want you to have a say, to have a voice, and to be represented. Your voice, via our surveys, has demonstrated that you want your advocates working together to fight for you, rather than fighting amongst themselves.

Why Do It?

This is not just about you. It is about the 750,000 that occupy mobile/manufactured homes in California. It is about your heirs, your children and perhaps their children. Taking the right path today will have an effect for generations to come.

You Have a Two Choices

Choice #1: Continue the status quo by supporting the advocate you have supported in the past. Blindly follow their lead and hope they do the right thing for you. We know they have not signed the Pledge and will not abide by it. We know they won’t work with other advocates, won’t be open and transparent, and won’t provide financial and membership reports, etc. It hasn’t worked in the past and isn’t working today. Or
Choice #2: Support COMO-CAL, the only state group that:
Has signed and will abide by the pledge. That means it:
Pledges to be open and transparent.
Pledges to publish financial and membership reports at least twice a year.
Pledges to have at least quarterly meetings. Meetings may be via the internet if necessary.
Pledges to share, network, brainstorm and communicate with all others in our state-wide community
Pledges to be responsive, i.e. respond within 24 hours to communication (email, or phone call). Pledge to respond to letters within 7 days.
Pledges to be accountable for its actions.
Has a directive to fund other groups that sign and abide by the pledge, i.e. works to get others on board the Unity Plan
Provides MH Life Magazine (via USPS if necessary) even if you live in Timbuktu.
Provides you a copy of the FAQ Handbook, a must for all MH owners (a $6 value).
It will do all this for just $2/year! Such a bargain. The balance of your membership, $23, goes to other groups working for you.

What Can You Do?

Support our plan by:
Sending COMO-CAL a check for $25. Make it out to COMO-CAL. Use the Application on page 15.
Volunteer to help run a Regional Organization in your area or to start a park group if you don’t have one.
Do not send any money (donation or membership fee) to any other group (we will do it for you when they sign the Pledge).
Some Questions & Answers
Question: Does this mean COMO-CAL is doing everything, including lobbying?
Answer: Hardly. COMO-CAL will have a Directive to:
a) Administer the Pledge to bring ethics back into advocacy.
b) Groups taking the Pledge will receive funding from COMO-CAL based on a predetermined formula (page 9).
c) COMO-CAL, with your input, will be the watch dog making sure groups are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, i.e. working together helping MH owners.
d) COMO-CAL will expose those groups that are not transparent, open, publishing financial and member reports, having meetings, etc.
e) COMO-CAL will continue to promote the Unity Plan.
Question: Doesn’t this give a lot of power to COMO-CAL?
Answer: No. First of all COMO-CAL has a Directive to hold funds until a group takes the Pledge. So only a small portion of money received by COMO-CAL will be available for COMO-CAL to use (page 9). Only groups working for you will be funded. Also the Pledge is already established, COMO-CAL just administers it.
Question: Will we be updated?
Answer: Every month we will update progress. And each new member COMO-CAL will receive a welcome letter, a membership number, and the guarantee of a refund if there is no progress toward our ultimate goal of uniting folks after the nine month period.
Question: What about GSMOL and the lobbyist?
Answer: GSMOL is included in the predetermined distribution of money. As soon as its Board of Directors take the Pledge, they will receive funding. Also remember, GSMOL funds won’t dry up overnight. On the other hand, GSMOL has shown it won’t take the Pledge.
GSMOL needs to be accountable. They should be open and transparent, publish financial and member reports, work together with other advocates, network, share, and be ethical just like any other group. Only you can make it happen! You have the power. You wag the tail of the dog, not visa versa.