This month MH Life will keep it simple (Kiss – Keep It Simple Stupid). We won’t present reasons why MH owners should unite. We won’t write about the chaotic state of advocacy and why it is so difficult for you to find and receive help. After all, we’ve been writing about these subjects for ten years. We’re sure your tired reading about it, right? Enough is enough!
This month we are publishing additional details of our Unity Plan, a plan we introduced with November’s article “Power to the People.” The Plan will “force” groups to be ethical and work together. And you have the power to make it happen.

The Unity Plan And Your Advocates

Accomplishes what MH owners have wanted and needed for years. Refer back to our surveys from last year.
Gets advocates working together (Strength in Numbers), to serve and protect you.
Motivates all groups to work together, with a common goal of providing MH owners the best service possible.
Eliminates conflict and power struggles.
No more fighting for members! No more bad mouthing.
All for one and one for all.
Means there is an equal division of power (money). No more all our eggs in one basket.
Provides checks and balances
It identifies those leaders who are just power hungry and provides a means to get rid of the bad apples.

The Unity Plan Helps MH Owners

It gives your power back to you.
You would be represented. Every MH owner could be represented by a park group, a local group, a regional group and a state group.
All MH owner not working for you, you could replace them.
It gets information to all parks and to all residents, not only those who are members. Remember the sayings, “Knowledge is Power” and “Strength in Numbers.”
Only with everyone working together for a common cause means there is hope. When MH owners have a voice and have hope, they tend to be less apathetic.
There would be predetermined funding for a lobbyist
There would be a legal fund as more join.

Are You On Board?

Let us worry about about the nuts and bolts, that’s what we do! Focus on what the new plan can accomplish and how it will benefit you as a MH owner. Keep your eye on the prize. If we only accomplish one or two points, that’s progress.
We are confident the Unity Plan will work. Trust us! After all we are the ones who have been providing you the magazine, essentially FREE. That should mean something to you. No one else is doing so much for so little.
You are the gasoline that will make the engine run. And the faster MH owners join, the higher the octane, the faster the engine will go and the quicker we will meet our goals.

Only You Can Make It Happen

Only you can make this happen. If you like what you read, making it happen is surprisingly simple. If you really want positive change, you will get your checkbook out right now and write a check for $25 and fill out the application on page 15. That’s all it takes. But it takes everyone getting on board, not just a handful. Remember, you are the fuel that makes the Unity engine run. The more that join, the faster they join, and the sooner they join, the higher the octane of the fuel, the faster the engine will go and the quicker we will see change and meet our goals. Isn’t that what you want?
Just one last suggestion, don’t write checks to any other advocate – your park group, your local group or your state group. (Don’t worry, they will get funding and continue to operate.) Let us do the rest. We guarantee results!

Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

Sure, we understand $25 is a lot of money to some, but what about the millions of dollars being lost by MH owners every year. Investing $25, now that everyone will work together in an ethical manner, should be a no brainer. You have nothing to lose. We ask you let us work on this plan for nine months, just nine months. Then if in your opinion there is no progress, i.e. the plan just is not working, simply ask us for a refund. We will be happy to comply. We don’t want your money for ourselves, but it is necessary to make the plan work, to push others to be ethical, open and transparent.
With your support, groups will start signing the Pledge (see page 7), and working together in an ethical way. Wouldn’t that be terrific! Just think how much we can accomplish – sharing, brainstorming, and networking, without all those negative distractions.