All too often we hear residents saying they are afraid of being evicted. In fact they often go out of their way to be nice to the manager, hide from management, stay in their homes, etc.  Do you know the park owners have a strategy to keep residents “under their control?”  It is absolutely true. And FEAR is a critical part of their strategy.  (We will be writing about strategies of park owners in the March THE VOICE.)

Threats of eviction are common in parks.   You need to know that parks CAN NOT EVICT YOU?  Only the COURTS can make that determination.  The Mobilehome Residency Law details the seven reasons for eviction (798.56).

Eviction can ultimately cost a resident their home!  We are much more vulnerable than apartment renters because we own our homes.  Often a resident can’t sell his home when evicted.     Eviction can be devastating!

Eviction Insurance

CoMO-CAL wants to offer you “eviction insurance.” We want to fight for you if you are subject to an unlawful eviction (not one of the 7 reasons).  Most advocates ARE NOT AFRAID.  Why?  Because we know managers target those who are vulnerable, those who do not understand the MRL, those who do not belong to an advocacy group, or those who are isolated.

We want to hear your comments and suggestions. Would you feel better knowing that a statewide advocacy group would stand up for your rights and fight any unlawful eviction?

Perhaps the plan would work like this:

  • Money from member donations would go into an “eviction defense fund,” separate from member dues…
  • The fund would activate when a goal amount is reached – perhaps $10,000.
  • To qualify, one would join CoMO-CAL and contribute $10/year (or $5 or whatever is decided….).
  • 90 day waiting period, i.e. have to join and contribute to fund 90 days before coverage begins.
  • Claims would be submitted to CoMO-CAL. We would act within one week or sooner.
  • Our attorney would be involved if necessary.

This program could be a reality as early as March 2009 if 1000 members would contribute $10.

Please let us know your thoughts.  This can be the start of a statewide movement to really protect the rights of mobilehome owners.  We thank you for your support.