What should you do if you want REAL PROGRESS in your park?  Today THE VOICE is delivered to over 225 parks.  Most are not organized, which probably means most will not see any change.  And unfortunately most  have no idea what is involved in forming a residents’ advocacy group in a park.  WE DO, WE WILL HELP.

If you really want to make a difference, we suggest the formation of a resident’s organization (HOA, CoMO-CAL Chapter, call it what you want).  All it takes is 3-4 residents willing to serve as a resident committee (Board of Directors) and a membership willing to support them.  No state-wide organization can make a difference unless you, your friends and your neighbors are organized.  It doesn’t take that much time, and there are other benefits besides gaining some control over your own lives.  We suggest you have social events where you can get to know your neighbors and make new friends.  This is what life in a park should be.

CoMO-CAL has a terrific newsletter.  Use it to organize your park.  Give us a call and we will send you enough newsletters for your park.  All we ask is a small donation to help cover our costs.  Or simply copy this article, along with a CoMO-CAL application, and distribute it in your park.  Of course it will take time and effort, but TOGETHER we can make a difference.  Mobilehome owners need to be informed and UNITED. Remember, if every mobile home owner joined CoMO-CAL, we wouldn’t have many of the problems we have today.  Unity works.  This has been proven time and time again.  And today it is being demonstrated in Valle Verde Courtyard.

What if you already have organization in your park, like a HOA?  Why not join CoMO-CAL as an association?  You’d be doing a great service to your membership.  Why?  All members would receive THE VOICE and be informed about our laws, and happenings around the state. Plus they would receive other benefits.

How would it work?  Simply send CoMO-CAL a list of your membership.  Include a check for $5.00/member.  This entitles each member full membership in CoMO-CAL for 12 months. ONLY $5.00 per year! For just $5 a year, we have a chance to make a difference! All mobile home owners should join. WHAT A BARGAIN!

What’s the catch?  There is no catch. Your resident organization would receive THE VOICE, by email, approximately two weeks prior to the first of the month.  They would print and distribute it to you.  Everyone benefits.  CoMO-CAL does not have to keep track of your membership, nor do we have printing or mailing costs.  And you have full benefits from CoMO-CAL:  our monthly newsletter, letters on demand, flyers on demand, small claims court assistance, legal advice, and attorney referrals when the need arises.

Here is the procedure to sign up as a HOA:

  1. The HOA must have a Board of Directors & should have at least 4 meetings a year.
  2. All members of the HOA must join CoMO-LAC.
  3. The HOA will receive a newsletter two weeks prior to its issue date. The HOA will make copies for their membership and distribute the newsletter  to all their members.

We feel this is a great way for  HOA members to become part of a statewide organization with many voices.  You already know our newsletter – a HOA could use it as the basis of their newsletter and put inserts with local or park information.  And the cost is quite low for the services we offer.     We need to unite all mobilehome owners across the state of California.  What better way?  And everyone can afford $5.00.