All mobilehome owners need to realize one thing.  What’s happening to YOU and your neighbors is NO ACCIDENT.  It is part of a PLAN by our landlords. And Western Manufactured Communities Association (WMA) plays a major role in this PLAN.  This isn’t about landowners getting their fair share, this is about greed and power.  It is about getting as much from us as possible!  It is about taking away our rights and our will.

Abusive managers are part of the PLAN.  Lawsuits, challenging rent control and bankrupting cities in the process, are part of the PLAN. When landlords prevent or thwart the distribution of literature – that is part of the PLAN.  Many of our clubhouses are closed because landlords DO NOT want us to share information or unite.The closure of clubhouses is part of the PLAN.  Attacking “active” residents is part of the plan.  Winning over residents who turn against their neighbors, who spy and report to management, and who disrupt any HOA meetings… – this is part of the PLAN.   Proposition 90 is part of the PLAN.  Yes, I agree 100% with Donald DeVore.  We are in a WAR.  There is no doubt in my mind.

CoMO-CAL is a real opportunity for mobile home owners across the State of California to organize, unite, have a voice and make a difference.  An opportunity like this does not come very often.  No other organization in the state is focused on enforcement.  Landlords love it!  They are challenged here and there, but there is NO UNIFIED CHALLENGE to their PLAN.  We are only as strong as your support.

Donald DeVore emailed me the following:


There are 4 bones that make up the structure of any organization.

Wishbones: Those who sit around and wish someone would do something.

Knuckle Bones: Those who knock everything.

Jaw Bones: Those who do all of the talking and nothing else.

Back Bones: Those who carry the load and do the work.


Donald also wrote:  “The owners of manufactured housing have one of the biggest voting blocks in the state as a group of people and voters.  As a group, you are a sleeping Giant.”  Well ALL mobile home owners need to wake up.  We are all in a similar predicament, that is our bond. We are a family,  And we can have power.  We can win some battles and eventually the war.  We don’t have to continue living like we are today!  But it does take sacrifice.  It does take time and money.  None of us want this “war.”  But WE MUST DEFEND OURSELVES.  We have no other choice.  YOU CAN’T DEFEND YOURSELF ALONE.  We can’t fight this WAR without an ARMY.  If you are reading this and simply putting THE VOICE down to wait until the next issue, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.  YOU MUST BE ACTIVE.  HELP US WAKE UP YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS.