Manufactured-Home Life is grateful this November for the support of so many MH owners and others. Without your support, there would be no magazine.


Here is a list of most distributors. Forgive us if we have skipped your name. Bold = main distributor.
California Edition: Donna H, Diane B, Jerry J, Rosemary W, Sharon Q, Kathleen S, Ella C, Ray K, Joanne D, Helen D, Jerome G, Sherry S, Phyllis T, Gail O, Gloria M, Sally R, Virginia R, Darryl B, Roger F, Claudetter L., Michael M, Lou J, Laurel H, Don R, Tony S, Laura M.
Orange County / South L.A.: Paul M, Binnie L, George L, Bill S, Nadona O, Peggy A, Joanne F, Don H, Scott H, Leonard D, Tom M, Joanne G, Chris W, Chuck Z, Dolores C, Janet W, Phil S.
North S.D. County: Kim W, Joan D, Cal A, Rob W, Pixie D, Frank C, Bud E, Frankie B
San Diego: Bill S, Pedro S, Ron C, Jim M, Loretta C, Penny V, Bob S, Joline C, Beverly T, Ken B, Manny, Corey R, John H, Steve M, Tom E, Steffanie E, Buddy R.


Martin Hernandez (Orange Co/South L.A.), Mahomad Said (San Diego), David Quiroz (NSDC) and Trisha Little (NSDC).


Some folks, and groups have far exceeded our expectations with their kind donations. Thank you all so much! Bold = main supporter.
Hal B, Indian Springs HOA, Sherry S, Judy F, Kathryn W, Lakeshore Gardens, Jerilyn C, Mary W, Terry C, Jodie W, Terry’s MHP, Gary M, Brian J, and Rancho DeCalistoga.


We are also grateful for all our advertisers. Although they are all important, one does stand out – Myron Hughes of Hughes West-Brook has stuck with us through good and bad times. Thank you Myron for your support! Another long time supporter is ST. PAUL’S PACE and Mercedes Margritz, their Community Outreach Specialist. Thank you Mercedes.

MH Life Printer

No one realizes that the company that prints MH Life not only does a terrific job, but has become an indispensable part of our organization. So our thanks goes out to Sundance Press, Steve Rhynard and our contact Pamela McFadyen.

A Special Thanks

On a personal note, I have two wonderful sons: Dylan Ababou and Jason Wodley. Dylan is a professional basketball player for Gniebra in the Philippines. He has so many friends and followers that he even has his own page in Wikipedia. Check it out. My other son Jason Wodley is sophomore at Cal State Northridge majoring in Biology. Jason plays hocky and is an excellent student. Both are very active in their respective religious organizations. Rose and I are very proud of our kids!
So why do I mention Dylan and Jason. Simply because they both have loaned me (MH Life) several thousands of dollars so I could continue the magazine, obviously a project that I love. Without their support, especially financial support, I simply couldn’t continue the magazine.
Of course my wife Rose puts up with my 24/7 activity. Thank you Rose for your patience.

Our Readers

Last, but not least. Thanks to all our readers. We appreciate your kind thoughts, emails, letters and phone calls. We love serving you and look forward to many more years working together. Already we are making a difference. Thank you for all your support.
A Wonderful Lady
The other day we had a call from Sojna who lives at Lamplighter Sacramento in North Highlands. Her park has just been purchased by Kort and Scott / Sierra Management. And they are facing large rent increases.
Sojna was a COMO-CAL member and she wondered what I was doing today, so I told her about the magazine. I said the magazine was free. Her reaction: nothing today is free! Well I said yes, the magazine is free. Why don’t you charge at least a few dollars for the magazine. My reply was: the magazine reaches 25,000 homes today. If it cost even 17 cents or $2.00 a year, 90% wouldn’t get it, even though the expense to print and distribute it is much higher.

Please Do Your Fair Share

Donations are critical to our success. If everyone contributed just $2.00/year, we would have no financial worries and would not only continue, but could expand, both our distribution area and the number of pages of the magazine. Please donate today!
As it is, contributions amount to just $.36/year or about 18% of our needs. Please, if you read and find MH Life valuable, do your share. Send us a donation of $5 or more. At $5, 10,000 would have to donate to reach our goal! Let’s show the park owners that we can look out for ourselves. Please DONATE!