It is me again.  Being a country boy and growing up in the Midwest on a Iowa farm I learned early the value of working hard.  Going into the military I learned the value of team work and working together as a unit and not as one foot solider trying to fight the whole world. It was a lesson well learned.  When I retired at the early age of 40 I went into the private sector and had business men with degrees in business management and PhD degrees in Public Administration and most even had teaching credentials.  I was sent off to various seminars to learn how to handle the public and not in a military way.  It is a much different type of management but you are still dealing with people.  So now I live in a manufactured home, not a trailer, but a home that does not sit on a foundation but looks as though it does.  It is comfortable and it has all the amenities of a home.

I have become a home owner.  I have become an advocate for mobile home owners. My home is paid for, but I pay a space rent for the ground that my home sits on.  I have become involved with all sorts of issues from other manufactured home owners.  I volunteered for the job as I felt that it had to be done and there were too many park managers/owners miss-treating Americans and I was taught in the military that you just don’t miss-treat the American public without due process of law.  We all have rights.  We all have a common goal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

i see where there are homeowner association in all sorts of counties and cities and they are doing a very good job of creating a security blanket around their particular area.

That is great.  To protect your own area that you live in.

Well folks you need to expand your horizons and look to others that are not as fortunate to have your leadership.  We must unite ALL manufactured home owners. We MUST stand as a unit, a Army, a Corp, a Regiment, a Ships Company to help each other instill  the pride and prosperity of all homeowners.  To allow park managers and park owners to create havoc in our lives is not  an acceptable way of life. For those that have their own small organization you need to give your members an opportunity  to expand their knowledge and to gather vital information that will help secure their way of life.

Without involvement from our leaders and without the support from ALL manufactured home owners we will loose the fight for equality.  Please join these state wide organizations such as GSMOL, COMOCAL, CMRAA these agencies are here to help and have created so much data and have secured numerous laws that now need enforcement and not by civil code but by penal codes.  We the people, with a voice of over million people have that power to create such a statue and put an end to this criminality that roams are parks and preys on those that have limited resources. Stand and fight for your rights.  Either that or try to live and surely die on the vine.  Please help one another it is the only way to accomplish this goal.  I welcome your comments and/or suggestions.