Running a state-wide coalition certainly has its ups and downs.  I am very grateful to all of you becoming members and renewing your membership. Your membership dues helps us get THE VOICE to you, but we have little left.  I appreciate the support and kind words from many.  One member has even contributed $3500.  However CoMO-CAL and I are still very limited.  We can’t do it for you.  In fact no organization can solve your problems without your helpWE NEED YOU TO BE ACTIVE, IF YOU CAN.

Today we reach less than .1% of all mobile home owners.  That’s about one in one thousand!  So should we quit?  Are we a failure?  Personally I think we are a success because we have shown we CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  We are networking those who are actively trying to help all of us.  We have many bright, knowledgeable members with years of experience.  And we are using their expertise!  And we are becoming known around the state.  We are the fastest growing advocacy group in the state, and for a good reason—we communicate, we inform, and we are trying hard to UNITE mobilehome owners.

So what is the key to success?  Pam Partridge, our representative in Hemet, had a terrific idea.  Be active in your local area, and join CoMO-CAL for information around the state.  Having an organization in your park is a critical first step.  From there, you should form a local “coalition.”  CoMO-CAL will help you with that process.  Keep informed with CoMO-CAL.  (Join OreO, please!!)

We must, however,  face the facts.  Only 1% of you have made a contribution to our  DONATIONS  CAMPAIGN.  So far donations have totaled about $350.  We have members in over 350 parks today, with about 75,000 spaces.  Certainly each of you understands the threats to our way of life, like condo conversions, rent decontrol, management issues, or newly proposed laws like AB1309, the new initiative (California Property Owners Protection Act).

You may feel you are immune from each of these threats.  “Why organize? Who would lead us?  I don’t get along with some of my neighbors…  We can live with our “out of control manager.”  We have rent control.  Life isn’t all that bad.  It’s hard to organize.  I don’t know how.”

Park owners rely on this kind of responseThe truth of the matter:   park owners are leveraging the apathy and ignorance of mobilehome owners. They count on mobilehome owners being unaware what park owners are doing.  Sure our parks often seem nice places to live,  but  under that façade can lie a business wanting more and more money from us.  Park owners, in rent control areas especially, are upset at “subsidizing” rents for other than low income residents.

Take just one issue (rent control) and look at its effects on you.  I live in a rent control park in Chatsworth.  If my owner were to do a condo conversion,  AB1309 were to become law, or the new “Prop 90” were to pass,  rents could easily double, costing everyone in my parks tens of thousands of dollars.  This is not speculation, this is fact.  My mobile home would have NO VALUE!  THREE DIFFERENT THREATS TO RENT CONTROL.  And you are affected even if you DO NOT live under rent control now.     We DO NOT have the luxury of time.  We DO NOT have the luxury of millions of dollars.  EVERYONE reading this MUST do his or her part.  Subscribe to THE  VOICE and tell your friends and neighbors.  Join OReO and pass out a mini-VOICE in your park.  Donate what you can afford so we can continue to INFORM, COMMUNICATE and UNITE.

WE NEED YOU.  Not tomorrow, but today.  This is NO JOKE.  I could lose $50,000 overnight.  You might lose even more.  I understand no one wants this fight, but it is so important that we all do our share.  I will help you every step of the way.  Call me!  1-800-929-6061.  I want to hear from you!  You are very important. NO MORE LEVERAGED APATHY AND IGNORANCE.  PLEASE!