Statement by Frank Wodley sent to email Alert Network Members on 10:30pm, June 3rd:

As of about 10pm June 3rd,  it is projected that Proposition 98 will lose and Proposition 99 will win.  This is a tremendous win for mobilehome owners across the state of California.

First, congratulations and hearty thanks to all of you who worked so hard to defeat Proposition 98.  This is a great victory, not just for CoMO-CAL but for GSMOL, CMRAA, and residents’ associations throughout the state.

We also thank our allies with AARP, CES and other tenants groups, environmental groups and labor who worked so hard against this awful ballot measure.  Last, and certainly not least, we should all thank our local governments and the League of Cities for working shoulder to shoulder with us in this effort.  A big thanks to  Meghan Callahan and her group for their tireless efforts on our behalf.

The park owners pulled every sleazy trick in the book to mislead voters and get Prop 98 approved, but thanks to our combined efforts, the park owners and landlords and all their millions failed miserably. But landlords won’t give up and neither will we. We intend to continue building our coalition and hard work is ahead of us.



Larry Gross, Coalition for Economic Survival made a statement the night of this tremendous victory:

California voters provided a tremendous victory for those who are committed to preserving and producing affordable housing, protecting our environment, controlling development in neighborhoods and ensuring that we have an adequate supply of clean drinking water.               .

There is no doubt that the voters in this state have sent a very loud and strong message to landlords, mobile home park owners and even elected officials that Californians believe in and fully support rent control and tenants’ rights.                .

This is a defining moment for tenants’ rights in this state. Voters were not tricked by the landlords’ deceptive scheme and rejected this out and out attack on renters.               .

We celebrate the recharging of a tenant movement which can claim as   (see next page bottom)

Continued from front page:  partners senior & disabled groups, labor unions, homeowners and many other community groups in future efforts to win economic justice.

In addition, by passing Proposition 99, voters have enacted true and responsible protections against the misuse of eminent domain.  Hopefully, Proposition 99 will squash any future thoughts of putting forth deceptive and devastating ballot measures like Proposition 98 and, before that Proposition 90.

We will build on this victory and continue to organize. We will be even stronger the next time these landlords come knocking on our doors.                  .

But for now we rejoice in knowing that “the voters in the state, said NO to 98!


Voters Soundly Reject Prop. 98, the Landlords’ Scheme,  and Pass Prop. 99, True Eminent Domain Reform

Statement from No on 98 / Yes on 99 Campaign

 Sacramento, CA – In response to voter rejection of Proposition 98 and support of Proposition 99 today, representatives of the No on 98 / Yes on 99       campaign issued the following statements this evening.

Tom Adams, board president, California League of Conservation Voters said:  “We’re very, very grateful to the voters.  The voters saw that Proposition 98 was a deceptive initiative, in fact, the worst kind of ballot abuse where a populist issue is used to conceal an attack on renters, the environment, homeowners and our communities.  The voters have rightfully become very skeptical about the fine print hidden in initiatives.

“By passing Proposition 99, voters have enacted ironclad protections against the misuse of eminent domain.  Proposition 99 drives a stake through the heart of devious ballot measures like Proposition 98 and, before that Proposition 90.  Thankfully, I don’t think we will see a repeat of those efforts.

“Twice now – with the defeat of Prop. 90 in 2006 and Prop. 98 tonight – voters have rejected fraudulent initiative schemes by special interests. Despite the fact that landlords spent nearly $8 million to fool the voters about Prop 98, the voters once again showed that they see these cheesy schemes for what they are.  Hopefully, this will send a strong signal to others that the voters have little tolerance for dishonest tactics.”

Janis Hirohama, president, League of Women Voters of California said: “Voters saw through the deceptive ads. They rejected Prop 98 because it would have been devastating for renters, homeowners, our environment, and our entire state.  This should send a strong signal to anyone thinking of using the initiative process to sneak harmful agendas past voters.”

Hirohama continued:  “By supporting Prop. 99, voters clearly said they support straightforward and powerful eminent domain reforms that don’t contain hidden agendas.”