COMMENTARY by Frank Wodley:   WHAT IS ROP UP TO?  

Isn’t ROP supposed to be helping residents in mobile home parks?  The residents of Westwind Mobile Home Park in Lower Lake (Clear Lake) don’t think so.  In late September 2006, a well meaning resident invited ROP to come to Westwind and speak about resident ownership.  After the meeting, residents heard nothing from ROP until late January 2007 when ROP, Inc. sent residents a letter explaining that ROP was purchasing their park and rents would increase $230 a month!  All without consulting residents!

Take a look what ROP says: (our) approach to park acquisition includes a commitment to communicate with the homeowners in your park, and to answer their questions and address their concerns. If a park purchase occurs, it should be based on clear and open communication between ROP and the homeowners, and not on secrecy and hidden costs.

Residents of 41 of the 42 spaces in Westwind are strongly opposed to a purchase by ROP.  In recent meetings, residents tried unsuccessfully to find out information about the source of purchase funds and the title company handling the transaction.  And they are very concerned that they have NO say in the running of the park.

This is not the first time CoMO-CAL has heard complaints from residents concerning the dealings of ROP.  In fact we have heard from residents in parks such as Summit MHP in west San Fernando Valley, Forest Springs in Grass Valley, and a park purchased by ROP in Los Osos (Sunny Oaks Mobile Park 1701 Los Osos Valley Road).

We understand GSMOL is circulating a DVD which promotes ROP.  Many GSMOL members and others have wondered why GSMOL promotes ROP and what GSMOL gets from this relationship.  And when Maurice Priest is the lobbyist and corporate counsel for GSMOL, doesn’t his work in ROP take valuable time away from his duties in GSMOL?

CoMO-CAL suggests you contact us if you are interested in purchasing your park.  We can give you several options, all which will ultimately give residents control of their park at the close of escrow, not thirty years in the future.