Orcutt Ranch Mobilehome Estates is a 228 space Senior Park in Northern Santa Barbara County near Santa Maria.It is, or could be, an idyllic place to live if it were properly maintained.There are all kinds of mature trees, a rambling creek, and until recently a footbridge the creek connected 40+ home sites on one side of the creek with the clubhouse, swimming pool and other amenities as well as the Park Office and another 180 + home sites.Management removed the footbridge and stated that “it was unsafe and it probably would not be replaced”. None of us could see a thing “unsafe”or changed about it’s condition.

Homeowners who previously had easy access to the aforementioned facilities must now drive out of the park onto public streets, drive around several blocks, re-enter the park, and several blocks inside the park in order to attend clubhouse functions take a swim OR PAY THEIR RENT at the Park Office.

When the 40+ spaces across the creek were being developed and leased,’s on-site sales office sold all the new manufactured homes to be placed on the lots and was quoted in the local newspaper touting the desirability of the new development’s easy access across the footbridge to all the amenities.So, now, with management’s refusal (so far) to replace the footbridge, we must determine the extent of contractual liability of the park owner.

If homeowners reading this have had a similar experience, we wouldhearing about it.  There are other issues of concern in our park which will be addressed in future communications.

Doris Stephens, Homeowner,

Orcutt Ranch Mobilehome Estates