At a recent HCD meeting involving representatives of park owners, park residents, code enforcement officials, and legislative staff, a question arose regarding when park residents/homeowners must obtain building permits from the enforcement agency or HCD for work in or outside their homes.

Home Alterations:  HCD has posted on its website, under “Mobilehome and Special Occupancy Parks” a “matrix” located at .  The matrix is an informational summary to assist the public in determining what constitutes an alteration to a manufactured home (MH) as well as identify when a permit is, or is not, required; when plans are required; when electrical load calculations are required; and when the plans must be submitted and certified by a California licensed engineer or architect. The matrix is divided into five classifications: Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Structural, and Structural (Accessory Structure). If the type of MH alteration work to be performed is not identified in the matrixes, you should contact the nearest field operations office noted below for further assistance.

When multiple alterations are being done to the same MH such as plumbing, electrical and structural, the alterations may be included on the same Application for Permit (HCD 415). The HCD 415 can be located on the Internet at:

Lot/Park Alterations:  There is no similar matrix for lot or park alterations or improvements.  The general rule is set forth in Title 25, California Code of Regulations (CCR), section 1018, which says, with minor specified exceptions, no person shall construct, reconstruct, install, replace, relocate or alter any building, accessory building or structure, or building component, equipment, or other activity without obtaining a permit.  The exceptions, listed in the same section, include minor maintenance and repairs, adding a storage cabinet on a lot (although park approval may be necessary), and construction of certain landings, stairways, fences or patios. The park laws and regulations are on HCD’s website, at .


Questions/More Information:

Northern Area Field Operations:   9342 Tech Center Dr., Suite 550, Sacramento, Ca. 95826, (916) 255-2501


Southern Area Field Operations:  3737 Main Street, Riverside, Ca. 92501, (951) 782-4420


Your local building department, if your city/county is the park enforcement agency and the alteration is not to the manufactured home itself.  This information is also on the HCD website, under “Mobilehome and RV Parks Listing”, at