It is interesting how Mobilehome Magazine elicits such different reactions in folks. Some reactions, especially the negative ones, are usually not based on facts, but rather on misconceptions and/or fear.

Most Managers Support Us

We appreciate the fact that so many managers support Mobilehome Magazine and allow us in their park. In fact, some managers are now accepting magazines sent directly to the office and make sure the magazines get delivered to residents. We are grateful to them. Hoping to get more on board, we have just mailed Mobilehome Magazine directly to 350 managers across California.
We feel most managers are doing a good job, a job that is not easy. We applaud them! Most know the law and follow the law. And they treat their residents with respect. They know the value of Mobilehome Magazine and the information we provide. In fact, many managers benefit from Mobilehome Magazine themselves. Some managers call us with questions because we are more accessible than their park attorney. Some have purchased our FAQ Handbook for all their residents. They know relations are better when everyone knows their rights and responsibilities. They know we promote good relations between residents and managers. These managers work with Mobilehome Magazine and are not afraid that we inform and educate. They know we are honest and do not arbitrarily attack park owners or managers just because they are owners or managers.

Managers Who Do Not Support MHMag

Some managers have a knee-jerk reaction to Mobilehome Magazine and they will not allow it either in the park clubhouse or distributed in their park. They feel the magazine may be “anti-park owner” or providing residents a way to break the law or circumvent park rules and regulations. Of course, their reaction is not based on any fact. Although we feel residents, park owners and park managers should obey all laws, we are not anti-park owner nor do we advise residents to break any law.
Unfortunately these park managers are not open minded. They won’t even take the time to see what we are about nor would they ever believe that we actually can help them! They rule with an iron fist and want total control over their residents, nothing more, nothing less. And they fight to keep outside information out of their park, claiming “solicitation” (Mobilehome Magazine is not a solicitation and it’s distribution by a resident is allowed under MRL Section # 798.51(a)3).
Often times these managers are the ones breaking the law! They are the ones harassing and intimidating residents. They are the ones interfering with sales, etc. And as long as residents don’t know their rights, residents will be powerless and these managers will continue their illegal ways.

Residents Reactions

For the most part, residents want to receive Mobilehome Magazine. They like that it comes direct to their door. They like that it is free and they enjoy the bright, upbeat covers.
Some residents tell us they read every page, cover to cover. They feel connected and realize they are not alone. They know that everyone living in a rental park (they pay rent for their space) is vulnerable, if not today, perhaps tomorrow.
These residents are open to information. We probably are their only source of information and they are grateful. These folks are exactly the ones we want to reach!

HOA’s Supporting MHMag

We have contact with many HOA’s (Home Owner Associations) and their leaders. The great majority see the value of Mobilehome Magazine and support our efforts. Why not? After all we provide important information, and a means to unite all mobilehome owners in California. HOA’s can use the magazine to supplement their own efforts to help all residents, not just those attending meetings. We are also a terrific resource when a resident or HOA has a question (although we usually do not answer individual questions, we do answer questions (in print, in the magazine) that would benefit many mobilehome owners).
We appreciate those HOA’s that are working with us. We are open to your feedback, info about what you’re doing in your park, and articles of interest to all mobilehome owners.

A Few HOA’s Don’t Support MHMag

A few HOA’s, for one reason or another, do not support Mobilehome Magazine. We are surprised when we hear negative comments a few make about Mobilehome Magazine.
We question how a HOA serves its residents by blocking the distribution of MHMag in their park. Essentially they are deciding for their residents, rather than letting residents decide for themselves. We feel this is censorship and dangerous!