The exclusive purpose (is) to promote and protect the interests of (park) owners, operators and developers of manufactured home communities.  It is the largest statewide organization of its kind in the country.  WMA offers its members trade publications, landlord/tenant forms, educational opportunities and representation before the California State Legislature, in Washington D.C. as well as the local government level.

Code of Ethics

The residents of mobilehome/manufactured housing communities, as homeowners, can expect recognition of their rights to privacy, respect, courtesy and dignity. The responsibility of management is to serve the needs of the community, and to provide safe and well-maintained common areas and   community services. Mutual respect and concern are the governing principles of management-resident relations.

In order to provide for responsible relationships between resident and resident, and between residents and management, and to protect the investment of residents and management, reasonable rules and regulations shall be established in writing and be available to all residents. Management pledges to enforce rules and regulations in an equitable and forthright manner.

Communications are essential to all interpersonal relations and to the successful operation of all  businesses. Management pledges to be available to residents, to be receptive to their constructive suggestions and to provide factual information.

Contentment, security and peace of mind are the desires of residents and the goals of management. To this end, management pledges that residents shall be free of worry of arbitrary or unlawful termination of tenancy. Management further pledges to operate the community in a manner consistent with established business practices and procedures which assure long-term economic stability for residents and investors.

Management recognizes its business responsibilities to the community, state and the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association, and pledges full support of those laws and activities which encourage the growth of manufactured housing community living and the Association.


We have learned the following conditions exist in some parks whose owners are members of WMA.  These conditions may or may not be a consequence of WMA membership.  You be the judge.

  1. Clubhouses are often closed—with a sign saying “available.” Or they can be used only if reserved two weeks in advance.  Their doors are locked and the manager may or may not have an office there.  Private parties can exclude park residents.
  2. Often times management ignores residents written complaints or residents replies to park notices.
  3. Often times management ignores written requests to meet with management.
  4. Often times management ignores residents complaints about harassment and/or intimidation.
  5. Often times Managers do not know the MRL and often misquote it.
  6. New rules and regulations are implemented in spite of residents complaints and concerns.
  7. Often management interferes with sales of homes. They tell residents incorrectly that their homes must be moved out of the park, or they tell buyers that they must not try to sell a mobilehome they are      buying..  Managers telling residents they can’t put up a “For Sale by Owner” sign.  Managers not   approving a prospective tenant although they can reasonably afford the space rent and would      reasonably follow park rules.  Managers trying to influence sales by telling residents they shouldn’t be  asking such a (high) price.    Managers calling HCD to inspect homes up for sale.  Managers saying a resident must use the parks inspector.
  8. Parks give long term leases to “get around” rent control. And unfairly target certain residents for   eviction.
  9. Some residents are “enticed” to be pro management by free use of the park gardener or handyman.
  10. Often times managers pretend to be pro-resident, while violating residents rights covertly.

How do I tell if I’m living in a WMA Park? 

Take a look at the version of the Mobile Home Residency Law that the park hands out in February of each year.  The words “Western Manuractured Housing Communities Association” is usually written at the top of the front page just under the words Mobilehome Residency Law.  This version in 2005 was 18 pages of very small type, which of course is very hard to read, especially for seniors.  Senator Dunn’s office prints a much more readable version—let us know if you would like a copy.

About how many park owner’s belong to WMA statewide?

Out of about 5,000 parks statewide, approximately one third or 1,700 belong to WMA.

If I am in a WMA Park, how do they impact me?  Several ways.

We have noticed new rules and regulations being presented in several “WMA” parks.  We have asked and were told that the rules and regulations were NOT written by management or the park owner, but rather by attorneys (WMA).  In fact the rules and regulations are almost word for word from one park to another. We understand WMA has a training program for managers.  We also understand that WMA educates managers in the loopholes and potholes of the MRL.  And they use parks for their “experiments.”  If you receive a letter from the owner or manager, chances are that a WMA attorney was involved.