We get some feedback regarding our newsletter and so far it is all very   positive.  We have learned much and  hope you have also. That’s our goal, to inform you and as many mobilehome owners as we can.  Communication is KNOWLEDGE and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.  Think about these words.  You are the key to our success!   And COMMUNICATION AND KNOWLEDGE hold the key to your happiness in your park!


  1. A FEW CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Take Belmont Shores.  About 70 plaintiffs (out of 600 residents representing 50 homes out of 347 spaces) or 15% united and won over $4,500,000.00.  A few made a difference.  Just think what could happen if residents in every park would unite like Belmont Shores—soon we would not have the problems we face today.  Start a group today in your park, start communicating, start a park newsletter, keep records detailing what goes on in the park, take pictures. Soon all your hard work will mean something.
  2. You HAVE JOINED CoMO-LAC. That’s a terrific first step.  You have taken a chance on us and we appreciate that.  We ARE DEDICATED not only to inform  you and other mobilehome owners, but to MAKE A           DIFFERENCE.  Now tell a friend, hand a neighbor a newsletter, tell them they don’t have to submit to abusive managers, unjust rules,  harassment or intimidation.   Tell them they don’t have to be alone when they get an      eviction notice.  We’re all in this together!
  3. You are already making a difference. Indian Hills, Chatsworth Imperial and Sylmar Mobile Manor  have new management.  Hopefully for the     better.  And all three parks have many CoMO-LAC members who have put pressure on their park owners and management.
  4. We identified the excessive rent increase in Chatsworth Imperial and are currently working on another in Indian Hills
  5. We see how the park owners, managers, and their representatives sometimes work to take advantage of mobilehome owners. The park owners group, Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association, WMA, represents about 1700 out of a total of 5000 mobilehome parks across the State of California.  They attend every MHPTF meeting and are united in their purpose—to promote and protect the  interests of (park) owners, operators and developers of manufactured home communities.  CoMO-LAC is working to unite your representatives on the MHPTF so that they will meet outside the scheduled meetings to brainstorm and present a united front.  CoMO-LAC has identified a problem and is working to resolve it.
  1. Communication, Education and Unity do work. Gerri Camara, a CoMO-LAC member in Carson Gardens Trailer Lodge, is COMMUNICATING with us (see article on page 8).  And Gerri is telling others about CoMO-LAC—so now we have members in two other parks, one in Carson and the other in Torrance.  And these two parks are facing serious problems, especially Torrance.  CoMO-LAC leaders will be meeting with those active in the Torrance/Carson area to discuss strategy. When we help resolve one problem in one park, the solution can be used to resolve similar problems in many parks!  That’s how Communication, Education and Unity work.
  2. We are continuing our efforts to make contact and gain members in other areas. Gerri Camara (Carson) sent us a newspaper article about her park’s struggle against a rent increase.  AND Gerri gave our newsletter to a friend in another park who is ACTIVE in Carson.
  3. A couple CoMO-LAC members have joined SCMOA (Sonoma County Mobilehome Owners Association) in Sonoma County north of San Francisco, a group that has about 1000 members and a bank account of over $25,000.  They were formed 17 years ago and have been helping their members through education, meetings, legal assistance, and grants.
  4. We (CoMO-LAC members) have also joined CMRAA (California Mobilehome Resource and Action Association), an organization of about 4,000 members in the Bay Area. CMRAA is led by David      Hennessey, ex-GSMOL president.  CMRAA is also active in Sacramento and we believe it in our       interest to team with them.
  5. We have talked with Grace Follette, President of HARD (Homeowners Against Rent Destabilization) in Carson, a group of several hundred Carson mobilehome owners who are actively working to keep rent control in Carson. Also we have a contact in Goleta who has been active fighting to keep rent control there.  She tells us that they have raised $10,000. for their cause.
  6. We are finding other organizations and active individuals through out the State of California. CoMO-LAC is becoming the glue to put many active groups and individuals together to fight for our rights.  You can help us by telling others about CoMO-LAC and sharing your own problems in your park.
  7. Indian Hills had a HOA meeting on August 20th with management to discuss new rules and regulations.  Over 50 came to the meeting where the 100th HOA member out of 138 spaces signed up. Good work Gus!  And thanks for introducing CoMO-LAC who came to support everyone.  Gus said “We have been motivated to unite by CoMO-LAC.”   Thanks again, that is what CoMO-LAC is about—enabling mobilehome residents to fight for themselves and understand the laws protecting them.  By the way, management came and stated after non-compliance with one seven day notice, a resident could be evicted.  (It takes three 7 day notices in a 12 month period, then a 60 day notice, before eviction!)