It will be a completely different day. It will be all for one and one for all. No more politics. No more fighting for members. All advocates will be on the same page, working on something that will make a difference. Remember, unlike today, COMO-CAL is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end. The end being everyone working together, everyone doing their share, to protect the lifestyle and equity of our MH Community.
Each one of you will be represented and will have a say in what advocates are working on and how your money is spent. Groups will list issues and ask for help from the MH community via the magazine. Everyone will be connected. Organization is the only way to really accomplish our goals.
And it will be a new day for MH Life magazine. No longer will we have to plead for your support, no longer will we require donations. And each group, each individual reader will be able to use the magazine to bring information to our readers (remember, knowledge equals power!).

Initial Goals

Laws without enforcement are meaningless. So our first priority must be to get enforcement of the laws we already have, i.e. enforcement of the MRL. Remember, Washington State has had enforcement for at least 5 years. Let’s all put our heads together, we’re sure this goal is attainable. Donna Matthews believes that HCD should be doing more to enforce the laws also.
Management problems have always been a priority. Very little has been done to solve them. Today is a new day however. Why not use the carrot and stick approach? Reward good managers and expose bad managers. We’re sure no one will like to see their name in the magazine as a bad manager. And let’s not stop there, let’s brainstorm other ways to resolve this problem.
Also interference of sales cost MH owners millions of dollars each year. We must not let park owners continue to take our homes for nothing. Let’s make a stand and say: Enough is Enough! We’re mad as Hell and won’t take it anymore.